Friday Letters

Friday, January 10, 2014

Dear 2014, 

My hopes for you are super high. I want my life to improve in every way possible in 2014. I want my marriage to grow and get stronger than ever. I want my kids to do well in school and give me less shit at home. I want a church that I can feel comfortable in...a place where we all will feel comfortable.I want my relationships to grow and for all the people in my life to know how much they mean to me. I want to communicate better with less curse words and I want smile more. I want to eliminate every bad person from my life. Every person who does not really care.. who is only self serving..they need to go. I want a better relationship with my older son.  I want to visit more places, take more trips, find more joy in everyday things. I want to be less critical and more understanding even in the hardest of situations. I want to find a maid who will help us around the house but my exceptions are pretty high and so far.. I haven't found the right person to come in our home and basically join our family. I want to grow my blog and youtube channel and try to touch as many people as I can. If I make 1 person a day smile.. its totally worth it. I just want 2014 to be better. I need 2014 to better after the year I had. Sure there were some good parts but it was a very tough year. I need you to be brighter, funnier, creative, loving, spiritual, happier, and peaceful. 

There is no time to waste. Every minute is precious.

2 comments on "Friday Letters"
  1. Amen to you letter to 2014 ! May God bless our efforts to help make these desires come to pass !

  2. Thank you so much. God bless you too!


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