Weekend in Review!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Good Morning Friends! Its a cold morning around here. I am laying back in my bed just because its the coziest place in the house. I thought about getting up and making a warm fire but yea...not yet. The bed is comfy and warm, perfect place for the time being! Can you believe we are already into December? I seriously can't. I am shocked at how fast time is flying by. I am starting to plan the best I can for the coming weeks but its going to be nothing short of a miracle if I get things done in time. We are traveling this year to Florida for Christmas to be with Scott's Step mom, and my mom too. I am still baking a few things and making some holiday gifts to take down there with me. Once I have a head count on how many people are going to be there....I will get started. Lots coming up!


We had guest for Thanksgiving that arrived Wednesday night and left Friday afternoon. There was really no sleeping in for me. I was up early because Scott's sister who came from Kentucky was buying a new car...and we were to have brunch afterwards. It was hard after they left to get motivated to do anything. I ended up laying on the couch most of the day trying to recover from all the Thanksgiving festivites. We were all sleepy and once Scott came home, it was time for leftovers. I didn't do anything special.. just warmed a plate up and got right back into lazy mode. I spent a lot of time cooking and cleaning over Thanksgiving and having a day to do nothing was sure nice! 


Saturday came pretty fast considering I fell to sleep early on Friday night. I woke up feeling good and did a little shopping, filmed a video, and then a headache started and the rest of my day went to shit. I took 1/2 of  one of my husbys pain meds which only made things worse. The pill made me sick....and that sure didn't help with the throbbing migraine. Husby did take me to Applebees to get some some soup and a salad. Oh and he also brought home these pretty flowers..

I was in a pretty bad mood, not feeling good, and by 1130pm I was sound asleep in bed. God knows, that was the best place for me. 


Sunday showed up and I was so happy to feel better. Its amazing how a good nights sleep can make all the difference. I woke up feeling better with a to do list from hell. I took the morning easy and then in the afternoon I got busy busy with so many things around the house. I busy cleaning and doing laundry which took forever. I also went out with husby to get Jackson's medications where I picked up 3 new pretty Mabyelline Glosses. I am testing them out this week and hopefully next Monday I will have an in depth review on these new babies! I also got busy yesterday entering all my coke reward points because with Christmas right around the corner, I am hoping to score some free Holiday Cards thanks to those handy rewards! I ended my night with a glass of holiday sangria which was perfect. If you guys haven't seen my video on how to make this, click here because its sooooooooooooooo good! 

Weekend Videos!

Breakfast in a Jar:
These are so handy and easy to make... perfect for those days when you want a fast warm breakfast but not a lot of time to be in the kitchen cooking. You can make these ahead and keep them in the frig and zap in the microwave when you are ready!

What We've been Eating:
This is a requested video of what we have been eating leading up to Thanksgiving. I think so many of you guys love these videos for menu planning ideas! I also included some of the school lunches that I have made for little Jackson!

Kitchen Sink Organization:

In the next video in my Kitchen Organization Series, I show you how I organize the top of my sink and the cabinets and drawers under the sink. Hopefully this video will inspire you to take a look under your kitchen sinks and tidy up a bit!

Super Easy Crockpot Sweet Potatoes:

This is a very very fast video showing you guys how easy it is to make delicious sweet potatoes in the crockpot. These turned out so delicious.. and they were super easy to make. Just put them in the crockpot and forget about it for a few hours!


Welcome to our lives! We are the JAGGERS and we live in South Carolina, USA! We upload videos of our life together everyday! For December we are joining up with Vlogmas....Hope you enjoy!

Friday's Vlog:

Saturday's Vlog:

Sunday's Vlog:

Thanksgiving Vlog:


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I have a lot going on today. I am on hold with a company right now...and I have many more phone calls to make today. The recording said I could be on hold ofr 45 minutes. Perfect. I also have some cleaning to do, errands to run, and videos to work on. WOW.. I am not sure how I am going to fit it all in but I am going into today with a positive attitude hoping to get all the items checked off my to do list! I hope you have a beautiful day! I'll be back soon!

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