South Bound!

Sunday, December 22, 2013
Helloooo friends! I have been busy busy trying to get us packed and ready to hit the road in just a few hours. I probably won't get any sleep until we leave but its been one hell of a long day around here. I have been not only packing but I have been filming and uploading all day too. I haven't posted all the videos on here yet, but be sure to check out both my youtube channels for updates. I will get them on here eventually but I am a little behind at this point. I think I will post all the vlogs of the weekend on Weekend in Review on Monday but you can check them out nightly over on my glam gossip channel! I have been kicking ass all day and I am finally resting waiting for a video to render and then I am going to edit another...and then finish packing. I doubt I will even go to bed tonight. I will wait for husby to get up and ready and then sleep as much as I can on the way down there. We got a really really nice Volkswagen Van that I love so it should be a comfy ride. I will be doing my best to blog but in just a few hours I am going to be on the road to have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Can't wait! I wish you all a wonderful week...and a very Merry Christmas!

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