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Friday, December 20, 2013

Dear Friday, You came upon me fast this week. So much going on and I choose to use my sleep time last night to watch a movie and I am soooooooo freaking sleepy right now. Perfect huh!? I am so running behind and I have mostly sat on my ass when I have so much to do. Yea. Gotta have more of a productive night than day.

Dear God, Thank you for another week of life on this earth. It wasn't an easy one though and I hope all my prayers and wishes are lifted right up to you. I know things have their own time but I would like to see the calender. No is day is promised to me, I know that. I don't want time to run out with my kids and there is so much I want for them. We will always need your help and love while we are here on planet earth dealing with all the lessons of living.

Dear Jackson, I am doing my best with you but seem to falling short. I know it doesn't seem like it, but I am being hard on you for your own good. I am not doing it because I want to punish or be mean to you. I love you with all my heart and just take your education very seriously. You have no other options than to succeed.

Dear Florida, We are coming to you! I can't wait until we get down there and get that beautiful sunshine beaming down on us. We can't wait to see all of our family and friends. It should be an amazing time.

Dear Dad, All I wanted was that chair to rock. I know you were here with me the other day and I wish you could had made the chair rock. I know not drinking the coffee was " normal " but your crazy daughter only wanted that damn chair to rock. I miss you. I'd give anything to have you back.

Dear Brittany Belle, I love talking to you. You are turning into your own person so fast. I am shocked at how clear and accurate you are when talking to me. You no longer sound like a kid....instead you sound like a young lady growing up. Time is flying by and never forget, you are the best thing I have ever done. I love you.

Dear Trina, Still wishing you would fly your ass down to Florida and spend Christmas with us. We loved having you here at Thanksgiving but will certainly miss you this Christmas.

Dear Jerred, I can't express how disappointed I am in you. Part of me just wants to never speak to you again and part of me just wants you to grow up and be the husband to our daughter that she deserves. I don't know what else to say except, I am your hers...and not mine. There comes a point when you cross a line that you can't come back from. You are walking the tight rope and not taking it seriously at all. Good job husband of the year....asshole.

Dear Christmas, I love you because I get to spend time with family and friends but you have become too  commercialized. I would prefer no gifts at all and just time with family. There have been so many years that I have worried about buying enough and I am so over it. I am buying everyone 1 gift and the rest are homemade. End of story.

Dear  Zane, I do appreciate being hung on. What is going on down there? Part of me feels like you are slipping away. You know our door is open at time for you and to be very honest...I miss you and I am worry a lot about what you are going through. Call more and DONT HANG UP.

Dear Sharon, Thank you so much for all your help over the holidays. I am looking forward to a great family holiday vacation and I know the house and kittys will be just fine. I can't wait to come home to a clean house...what a treat!

Dear Mom, You sounded so busy when I called you. I wish you were here to help motivate me! But we will be seeing each other really soon! Yea!

Dear Grandma, I'm sorry I don't call more. I am sure it feels like you have been abandoned  by me. Its not true because I miss you every day. Its really hard to understand you on the phone and I don't want to have to ask you to repeat things over and over. I do wish I could just give you a huge hug right now.

Dear Bio Dad, Hope you have a good Christmas and like the bird house. I am hoping that maybe in time we can maybe work on things. I understand now that I can have a relationship with you as a friend instead of a dad. But I don't know what to say...except I love you. Merry Christmas.

Dear Readers/Youtube, Happy Holidays to you all. I hope you are staying warm and getting ready for the big holiday! Also thank you for ALL the sweet comments and emails re Jackson. I am listening at it all...and trying to figure out the right answers for my family. I love you guys and hope you have a great Christmas!

Dear Self, Get your ass off the couch and get moving. The clock is ticking. Either Clean, Pack, or Make Vidoes but get busy NOW.

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