Friday Letters!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Dear Friday, I can't believe you are here. This week has passed so fast. This time last Friday I was terrified sitting in the Dentist office. I made it through it all but I must have slept through most of the week because you came back around super fast.

Dear God, I feel you everywhere. I know you are with me every where I go but I just wish I could understand your timing in things. I guess one day you will answer all those questions for me.

Dear Dentist, Normally I would probably tell you to go to hell but you helped me and I totally appreciate it. I don't say that often so that should make you feel good! Thank you for all your help. I am still recovering but the worse part is over.

Dear Jackson, You are so pushing your luck right now. Prison life is about to start. You don't know it but when you get home from school the only things you will be able to have to read is your books from school and the bible. What happened to the sweet little boy who cared about others? I had a 17 minute talk with your teacher today and lets just say I am totally PISSED OFF. Good thing I have some time to cool down before you get home.

Dear Mom, Sometimes I just wish I could just lay in your lap and just feel your love. I know you love me but I miss you.

Dear Scott, Thanks so much for all your help with Jackson this week. Its been a very hard week for me and you getting him up for school everyday. The rest has helped a lot but you know better than anyone that I am not nearly back to my 100% self yet. I love you. I'll be at the dealership in a few minutes for money....SURPRISE!

Dear Shanna, Thank you for always being the best friend I have needed. I would be lost without having you to talk/vent to. I love you and I wish we lived closer together.

Dear Calendar, To do List, and Planners,  I really feel behind with EVERYTHING. I am never out of commission long but after the dental surgery I am just behind. I promise to catch you up and catch myself up too in coming days.

Dear Dad, I miss you. God, I miss you. I hear you... I sometimes smell your pipe burning and hear you whistling. I wish you could come back more than anything. I want those days sitting at the table talking. I miss hearing you tell me you love me. I miss everything about you and not a day goes by that you don't cross my mind.  I look at your pictures all the time and I really could use a hug in my dreams. Come see me.. tell me you are here and remind me that everything will be ok. That is all I want. Come see me. Please just come see me.

Dear Brittany, I miss you princess! Can't wait to get you in my arms again. Thank you for doing so good in school. Your education will be what sets you free.

Dear Laura, I love talking to you and I wish things would be easier for you. Our door is just like our hearts... always open to you and the girls. We love you and mean the world not only to your dad but to me too.

Dear Cold Winter Weather, I hate you.

Dear Shannon, If you would let your son come be with his father, maybe he wouldn't be so mad and acting out right now. I told you a long time ago that even though our home is far from perfect, its much better than where you have him. You should stop being such a selfish bitch and let your son come be with his dad. He's not your payday and he's not your house bitch. He's a 11 year old little boy. Do the right thing for once in your life.

Dear Laci, Christmas is coming and you will be home before you know it. You know it will make all of us feel a hell of a lot safer if you would just get your butt home. We miss you!

Dear Jordan, I see you still don't have the courage yet to make that call or send that email. Do you have any good memories of us at all? I do and I hold on to them everyday. I don't care about the past problems. I would just rather a happy future. You wouldn't even come to the door when my mom showed up so I'm pretty sure that you would do the same to me. My heart can't handle that pain so I am waiting on you. And if I have to wait forever...then that's what I will do. I love you.

Dear Trina, I wish you would come to Florida for Christmas. I know you can't, but you know the invitation is open. And we would love to see you!

Dear Nelson Mandela, You soul served its purpose in this this time. You are man who is highly honored and I know you are looking down seeing how many people you touched. You earned those beautiful angel wings. Rest in Peace

Dear Biological Dad, It would be nice if we could just get along. I love you. I think you love me but neither of us know how to show it. I am not looking to you as my father.... I would just settle for friends. Your dad was my dad but we could maybe be friends and try. Idk. Time goes so fast and its a shame how things are.

Dear Bloggy/Youtube Friends, Sorry that things have been a little slow around here. I just haven't been feeling good since the dental work I had done. I feel behind on everything...please bare with me... I am trying to get back in the swing of things! Thank you for all your sweet comments and emails. One day at a time right!?

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