Friday Letters!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Friday Friends! I am not so happy right now but I will explain that later...hope you enjoy Friday Letters!

Dear God, I have trouble sometimes understanding your timing but I am trying to accept life as you give it to me. Let me say.. I wish we could sit down and figure out a life schedule that we would both be happy with. :) Today is not one of those planned days that I am happy about.

Dear Self, Today you have to actually get your shit together and go to the Dentist. It will be awful but you will be ok. Keep repeating that to yourself until you get back home to bed. And remember you are making your mom very happy today.

Dear Paul Walker, All I can say is WOW. I truly believe that you were suppose to leave in that moment apparently doing what you loved but damn... it doesn't make it any less shocking....needless to say painful for all the people you touched. You will be missed.

Dear Jackson, Soooo freaking happy those grades are starting to raise... guess xbox is the solution to all of it. I love you and just want you to do good in school and you could pretty much have anything you wanted.

Dear Hal, Glad we had dinner together and did make Friday Letters! I enjoyed your company last night and your fiance was really sweet. Thanks for letting Scott have time off to take me to the Dentist today.  Happy Holidays!

Dear Mom, I'm scared but I hope your right about today. I love you and can't wait to see you at Christmas! It should be a lot of fun!

Dear Friend, Thank you for your acceptance of my apology. I have missed you and I am sorry for any pain I have caused you. I know I didn't act right and should have sent that apology a lot sooner. Sometimes it takes a while to muster up the courage. But I am very happy you are well and happy.

Dear Nelson Mandela, You were the symbol of Peace to not only South Africans but to everyone. You had the most amazing journey and now you can rest forever in the white light of the holy spirit. You will never ever be legacy lives on forever.

Dear Scott, Thank you for being there for I love you even on the days you drive me C-R-A-Z-Y even if you are a republican. :)

Dear Brittany, Telling me " Its going to suck being you tomorrow" was not the most comforting words to your mother. You just wait.. You are so going to hear those words come back around one day! I love talking to you... I wish you were here. I love you princess.

Dear Laci, I hope you are doing ok in London. You are always on the move but I kinda wish you would just come home so we didn't have to worry so much. We all love you and are proud of what you have done.

Dear Romeo, trying to trip me going up the stairs for kitty rubs is not nice...if I break my leg or any bone because of your funny antics, I am going to kick your butt...please let me go up and down the stops without problems!

Dear Dentist/Dental Assistant, Thank you for being so kind today. I was so scared...and I am still am. I can't believe I have this long of a break but I will be back at 115 to finish things up and let just hope it goes as easy as this morning did.

Dear Laura, I am so glad that you were ok at school yesterday. I really do worry about all you kids in school and how safe you are. Thank goodness you told us after otherwise I would have really been flipping out. Be safe because you have a lot of people who love you.

Dear Cooper, I have no idea why you would think its ok to just jump on the couch anytime for a nap. Your a dog... I wish you would stay on the floor!

Dear Shanna, Thank you for always being a good friend to me! I count on you for so much and I am very grateful you are a part of my life.....a huge part! Love and miss you!

Dear Bloggy/Youtube Friends, Thank you guys for always being supportive and kind. It means the world to me to hear from you guys and I am always finding so much inspiration from you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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