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Saturday, November 23, 2013
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Happy Saturday Friends! I am trying to get motivated but so far its not looking good!  I thought I would share some of my random thoughts from today... Hope you enjoy!

* Yesterday's wakeup call at 5am kicked my ass. I wasn't worth anything all day...and the wine I drank last night knocked me out better than any sleep meds.

* I did enjoy a long hot bath last night. I get my bath water so hot that my heart races and when I get out I feel like I've ran 3 miles. What's up with that!?

* Around here, we still have trees with leaves falling off....but it won't be long until everything is bare and cold. Let the depression start.

* Can you believe there is only 5...I repeat...5 DAYS UNTIL THANKSGIVING! Are you getting prepared!? I got some news last night that a couple of guests are not going to make it :( and the dates of our other guests have changed too. So we have some last minute changes to our Thanksgiving Schedule. Grrrrr.

* My husbands clothes are exponentially more comfortable than mine so I always wear his thigns around the house. And then I yell at him because all of the laundry seems to be his!

* My son is possessed by the xbox. If he wasn't 10 years old, I would probably send his ass to therapy to teach him that it's ok to take breaks!

* I can't breathe if something is on my stomach. Even a hand or a book. I start to hyperventilate and can't catch a deep breath. . But the same goes for my back. If Husby lays his hand on my stomach or back when we're going to sleep I FREAK OUT.  I can't deal with it. Yea... I am not a snuggler.

* Its time to get ready to say goodbye to the kittens. I have kept this litter longer than I should have but being they are the last kittens that we are going to have in our home for a while.....I just want to keep them all!

* Did you know that I am being sued by another blogger who hasn't even started blogging yet? Yea.. BULLSHIT. She doesn't like that I use - The Glamorous French Housewife - because she wants to become the - French Housewife - and scared her readers will find my blog instead of hers. I actually have legal papers sitting at the post office waiting on me.. and they can wait some more. I am working on figuring out how to handle this but this dumb bitch thinks because she wants to start a blog that she can bully other bloggers into doing what she wants. Can you believe that!? Just imagine another - WANNA BE - blogger contacting you because you are using a title on your blog that they want. Is this really happening!? Feels more like a nightmare to me. Guess I should start praying for her and figuring out what to do. She should hear what the bloggy chat rooms are saying about her. She better have one hell of a good blog if she plans on making it.

* The Christmas bug still has not bit me. I am only thinking of Thanksgiving at this point. I just don't like having a big fall harvest dinner with the Christmas tree sitting in the background. Plus we have a houseful of kitty cats who will destroy a tree in no time!

* My hair is at that awkward length after growing out a bob. I just want to cut it back off.. Husby better be smiling because I am growing it out for him.

* I am still not too happy with my neighbors.. they just let all their cats run around this neighborhood spreading their seed. I don't have the ♥ to just ignore a hungry stray cat so we are going broke feeding them all. And the neighbor says " I just can't get to the Vet between her having kittens and getting pregnant again." WTF? She's on my porch every day and night.. I am pretty sure if he wanted to fix her, he could. Its never going to end in this neighborhood because there are so many strays. They are just going to keep making kittens and no one cares.

* I got a few emails yesterday and one was a reader telling me since I use bad language on my blog and youtube videos...they were unsubscribing. First off.. sorry if I offended you. I am just myself and sometimes I say bad words. I am sure there are plenty of other blogs are more suited for you than this one. However, how often do you hear me say the F word, GD, or anything like that!? I NEVER use God's name in vein. NEVER.. and I do use the F word on here or my videos often. Sorry for offending you.

 * Have I told y'all that Husby's been gone a lot lately?  BECAUSE HE HAS!!!!!!!!
Anyway, he is such a hard worker.  I will forever admire that about him. He works hard to give me a life where I don't have to work like that. Grateful.

* Its 3pm and I have to get motivated. First thing to do....get cleaned up. Then husby wants me to come to the dealership to drop something off. And maybe after than I can film the next part of my Kitchen Organization Series.  Gosh...time is fading away and I haven't done anything. Gotta get moving!

Have a great day.. I'l be back a little later!

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