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Sunday, November 17, 2013
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Happy Sunday Friends! I hope you are having a wonderful afternoon. We all slept in around here with husby climbing out of bed about 11:40 and I got up about 20 minutes later. And little Jackson slept until about 11 himself. So we are all feeling rested and better. Last night we were all so tired that we basically fell into the beds. I couldn't be more grateful for a good nights sleep! We actually had to turn on the air last night on the 2nd floor because on its own it was 79 and that is just wayyyyyy to warm for me to sleep. Its crazy because first floor was cold and the second hot. Shit.. we're going to get sick moving from floor to floor in our house! So today I have some grocery shopping to do..and I will probably do a food haul later this evening or tomorrow. I need to finish my list and get cleaned up so I can get it over. I am sorry I have been quiet for a couple of days but I haven't felt that good and been trying to get the house picked up but tomorrow starts the week of holiday cleaning. Here is the list but its also on my pinterest boards which might be helpful if you are planning a holiday gathering too! 

Week Before Thanksgiving Schedule

I know it looks like a lot but we have a big house and need to plan everything out so I don't miss anything. And its going to make our house look great for our holiday guests! I am excited to see everyone who is coming in for Thanksgiving. My only wish is more of our family could be here with us but we are going to have a wonderful time no matter what!

Well the boys will be back soon. They took off to get some more items to work on the bathroom and I guess they are getting some donuts too. Guess that's one less thing that I have to buy at the store. :) I'll be back a little later. Have a great Sunday!

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