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Sunday, November 10, 2013

#God #quotes #Dios...My God is soo Awesome, I will not doubt him....He answers prayers!!!!!!!
Happy Sunday Friends!  I hope you all are enjoying this cool morning. I really wish I was still in bed but once the sun came out, I had trouble staying a sleep. Plus the new kittens in the bathroom were busy playing and making a lot of noise too. They are doing great and in just a bit, I will have a vlog up where you can check them out a little more. They are just 3 scared babies who had no human contact at all, until yesterday. So they are adjusting. I am hoping that sometime this upcoming week, I can find a no kill organization that can help take care of them. I really don't mind fostering them if they get a clean bill of health but we have a lot of other kitty cats that we have to worry about too. But they are really cute and starting to get to know us a bit better. They have no idea how lucky they were to land in my bushes of all houses!
Scott and Jackson took off to run out to pick up some breakfast and supplies to finish the downstairs bathroom. Thank goodness. We all have been going up 2 flights of steps to get to a bathroom upstairs. He also says he's painting a spare bedroom too. So he has a busy day ahead of him! I need to clean up the house some and get ready for the upcoming week.

Have a great Sunday! I'll be back soon!

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  1. I need to's calling my name. :)

    Happy Sunday to you and thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync


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