So What..

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hi friends! I know it close to being Thursday but I still have a little time to get this fun linkup done by Shannon from over at Life after I "Dew". Hope you enjoy! 

So What

  • If the shorter days are driving me crazy. I do love fall so I am trying to just deal with it but it always always effects me in so many ways to loose sunshine. Winter is upon us. 

  • If I still haven't accomplished have the shit on my to do list. Yea.. got a lot to do as evening sets in. Plus I have a video saving right now and I have to finish the blog post that goes along with it. Lots to do. 

  • :I didn't hear the alarm clock this morning. Scott walked in at 7:15am and told me I had overslept but not to worry about it because he was going to take Jackson to school. Thank you baby. 

  • that I am going to have to run around here like a mad woman to clean the house and make dinner at the same time. Taco night! 

  • I can't do anything about how my neighbors take care of their animals. I keep thinking about the kittens we found in the bushes. I seriously doubt they are being well cared for. I am helpless in the matter. 

  • Google + messed with youtube over the past week. At one point I was really pissed off because to implement the new commenting system, it made it where you couldn't respond to previous yt comments of any kind. WHAT? Why can't the techs figure something better out!? But I am slowly getting use to it and moving on. 

  • I have been debating over giving myself longish bangs. Maybe I should wait.. idk. but I might just grab the scissors and start snipping!

  • I rewash the plastic red cups that we use all the time. Yes, they are plastic but with our family we run through them fast.. so why not wash and reuse a few times until they crack!?

  • I got legal papers in about another blogger who is about to set up her blog using a term similar to my blog title wants me to change my blog name, yt channels, etc. Yea, I don't think so. You read that correctly...another blogger who has not even set up her blog, is worried that when they google - French Housewife - they will get directed to my site rather than hers. Gosh, I didn't know we could file lawsuits over blogger competition. I am not joking either. I could end up in court over this. What ever happened to writing your own content...building a following with your own hard work and being supportive in the blogging community? I would show the paper work but I don't think that would help me. But so what! :)

  • I am as tired as can be right now. I just had a cup of coffee but its not helping. I have to wake up and get in the kitchen in the next 10 minutes. Come on energy!

I hope you have a wonderful evening! I'll be back with a video soon...stay tuned! 

4 comments on "So What.."
  1. You should by a domain name with your title in it. That lady is ridiculous!! I have a blog, it's set to private now, I used do a lot reviews for Co. and stuff. It was fun receiving things to evaluate and review plus I got to keep them and they would let me do giveaways! :-) Oh and your earth globe, keeps saying I'm from citrus heights, that's the next city over. I'm from Rancho Cordova, but might be cause my towns to small or something. :-)

  2. I did.. I don't use it yet but I own - too. But her's is soon to be called French Housewife and she is worried. It actually pisses me off but she is worried about me so that must be a good thing right!? It shows the town over for me too. I am not sure why!

  3. Wow that's nuts she sent you legal papers! Honestly though, it doesn't sound very "legal" to me. She's got nothing on you.

  4. WOW!! another blogger sent you papers about that yet she hasn't even set up her own blog yet? Why doesnt she find a new blog name? IDIOTS!!!


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