So What Wednesday!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hi friends! I know it close to being Thursday but I still have a little time to get this fun linkup done by Shannon from over at Life after I "Dew". Hope you enjoy! 

So What

  • If yesterday and today was not so productive. I knew yesterday was going to be easy because Jackson was home from school. Plus I didn't feel that good and I also knew that I had an early apt and husby would be home today making it another easy day. But I almost feel bad for not doing much but tomorrow that is going to change!
  • So what if I am scared of the Dentist? I am determined to get through it over the next few weeks and get it over. No matter what. 
  • Scott still has not got the 1st floor bathroom done. We all know he's not that handy but at least he is trying. However, I have a overactive bladder and walking up 2 flights of stairs to get to another bathroom is not so fun. But again.. he's trying so I am too. 
  • Jackson got into trouble today and lost tv, xbox, ipad, and phone. He cried half the night but he has to learn that he has to do good in school or there are going to be consequences. Maybe I have made things too easy on him in the past but now I see, I need to become the hard ass parent that he needs. 
  • that I feed every stray cat in the neighborhood. They all come to our house for dinner. I just can't ignore a hungry animal. 
  • I'm freezing around here most of the time. I really want to toughen up to cold weather but its not happening. I am going to die when winter really sets in. 
  • I almost hit the garage wall again today. What matters is....I DIDN'T. Thank you God otherwise I think my husband would have took my keys away from him. 
  • I spend way to much time watching CNN. I know it has probably made Jackson worse with his little aliments. He told me the other day that he was going to ride his bike with his friend and if he didn't come back in an hour, there is a good chance that he would be kidnapped. Then he went on to tell me that if he isn't found within 48 hours, statistics show we will probably never see each other again. WOW. HE JUST TURNED 11. He's a worry wort and I am betting constant CNN coverage is not helping. 
  • I was duped by a so called friend. Good thing is, it won't happen again with her. Its over. I honestly feel completely manipulated by her which is very rare. 
  • If all 3 of us feel asleep before 7pm tonight. Seriously, what was up with that? I crashed out on the couch ... Scott just went right to bed when he saw me asleep and I guess Jackson went to bed too. I woke up a few hours later and they were both sleeping like babies. But I woke up Scott to make sure his stuff was done for morning and to actually tell him goodnight. Funny... wake him to say goodnight sounds pretty damn silly... but I did it! 
I hope you guys all have a wonderful Thursday!

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  1. wow - I hate when friends do that, so disappointing, but now you're free for more real friends!


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