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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Today I am linking up with Kera with Nugget on a Budget for this weeks It's Ok linkup. I use to do this fun post on Thursdays but this is a new one! So join up if you'd like!

that I am giving up all power and control to my dentist in the coming days and weeks. I have to just get up the courage to get it done. Lets just say...I'm scared.
that I am totally addicted to planners! I will do a updated housewife life video at the beginning of December showing you guys the updates and what planners I use for what. Yes, I have more than one! 
that I was a little disappointed in a movie I watched last night. I was really thinking it was going to be good but sadly it was just mediocre. I'll have a full review up soon. Stay tuned!
that we still have all the kittens. Scott is so ready for me to put them in paper and each one new homes. I know the money will be nice over the holiday months but I hate to see any of them leave. That is one of the most bitter sweet parts of owning a cattery...raising them and then saying goodbye.
that I miss my mom. Its crazy how much my sister and I depend on her so much. I am sure she is so ready for us to grow up! She is doing great in Texas. She and Don have sold their house and found such a beautiful new home. Just wait till I show you guys the pictures.. Its truly stunning. But we are meeting up in Florida this year for Christmas....can't wait.
that dinner is going to be the left over pizza from last night. I didn't think Jackson would mind and we are taking a mini road trip this evening to our old tow tonight. We will be leaving about 8pm and won't be back until after 11. YIKES! I need to get as much done before hand as I can. 
that Scott and I are totally feeling the aging process. I am 37 he is 45 and the hell we both have put our bodies through over the years is starting to show up. Its Scary. I feel like I am the 2nd act of my life now. Time really does fly by.
that I am seriously thinking about setting up some kind of area in the garage for the outside cats. I don't know what to do. I feel terrible that there are so many strays around here. You know they have got to be cold. Poor Kitty Kitties!
that I am falling short on apologizing to an old friend. I need to type that email out but I keep holding back so I can really figure out what to say. But I am going to send it soon..... he deserves it.
that I haven't been out of the house once today. I haven't even checked the mail. I don't do cool/weather that well so days like these are my favorite! 
Besides my daily Glam Gossip Vlog clips, I have not filmed today...which I had planned. So that means I have to move things around and reschedule that video for another time. I might try to do it tomorrow but Scott will be home so it might be a challenge! But the day off has been nice!

Have a wonderful evening!

Nugget On A Budget
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