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Friday, November 8, 2013
The Vintage Modern Wife & Brunch with Amber: Happies and Crappies Link Up
I am linking back up with Stephanie over at The Vintage Modern Wife for this weeks Happies & Crappies....hope you enjoy!

  • Watching the fall leaves fall off the trees's and blow in the wind. Its magical to me! 
  • Jackson made a 90 on his Social Studies test yesterday... but wait till you see his list in the crappies. :(
  • Brittany is loving her new iphone. I can't believe my 12 year old daughter has the best phone in the family. I also have reservations about her being on all the social media out there but its too late. However, if she messes up....it will be gone in a second. 
  • My moms fiance's daughter had a little boy yesterday...sooooo happy for them! Don is over the moon with the birth of his grandson! 
  • I got another week with the kittens!!! Each day is precious with them but soon they will have to move out to new loving homes. 
  • My husband said he through out a couple of sewing machines making both his sister and I sick. One was her moms and one was my grandmothers. Both now gone. We handled it pretty well but the other night I actually found her moms in the garage! I didn't find my grandmothers but I was so happy that the one she really wanted was here. I can't work the damn thing anyway, but its her moms and she should have it. I woke up and gave her the good news early that next morning! 

  • I had to go to the Dentist this week. It took so much courage for me to walk through those doors. I hated the very thought of it. But I did it... and now working towards a plan to get it all taken care of in the coming weeks. SCARED.
  • My daughter and her father had a big fight with her dad this week. It just destroys her for him to mad at her. I took a full day for them both to get past their bullshit and start getting along better. I parent her from the phone most of the time when she is with him.. and me tell you, my phone was burning up that night from both of them. Yea.. not fun. 
  • I am still getting use to Youtubes new comment system. Everything goes through Google + and if you don't have a google + acct you can't leave comments on videos. What a GIANT PAIN IN THE ASS. I love google but they shouldn't force shit down our throats. 
  • The internet crashed today. It totally upsets me that we pay so much for tv and internet with it cutting off like it does. I was told today, we are just online too much and our modem needs unplugged more. Okey dokey.. I will do that and if that fixes things. 
  • I have an apology email that I need to write. I keep putting it off because even though I have to apologize, they still were in the wrong. Guess I shouldn't point that out huh? But my heart feels that I need to write it. 
  • Jackson got into trouble 4 times this week due to school. His teacher lets me know every time he messes up so he has lost all stuff over the past week. Today he does have the tv but because I got another bad report WITH A PICTURE he has no xbox, ipad, or game. Hes really mad at me and for the past week he has been mad at me every day. I keep him I am not suppose to be his best friend but his best mom which means I have to make the tough decisions. Its not an option for him to fail at school. It hurts being the hated parent but I have do what needs to be done......even if that means my 11 year old son hates me. And to be VERY HONEST... my parents would have just whipped my ass and moved on. He should consider himself lucky that he just gets stuff taken away.
  • I love movies.. and I just wish a really good one would come out.. You know like, The Blind Side or Marley and Me....but there have been very few movies that have came out lately that just are not that good.
I hope you had a great week! 

2 comments on "Happies & Crappies!"
  1. Hi Kisha,
    I tried to repost the name of the vid that helps explain the changes, but nope google wouldn't let me! The name of his youtube is "the mecanx shop" check out his video, hope it helps :) Cheryl

  2. Thank you Cheri.. I just watched it.. and unfortunately I knew what he knew! And I feel the same way he does too!!! :) Guess its something we all have to get use to. I hope you set up a page so you can continue commenting on videos you watch...not just mine but others too. As a YT Content Creator we all love hearing from the people watching our videos. You guys are the reason we put them up to begin with! Have a great weekend and thank you for sending me that info. If you hear anything else, by all means come back and let me know!


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