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Friday, November 8, 2013

Dear God, Thank you for giving me what I need right now. I don't really have the courage required for what I have in front of me, but I know you will be there to see me through it all. Keep sending that courage because I need it.

Dear Girls of All Ages, I was just reading this news article... and it broke my heart. Please understand if some boy or some bully girl bother you on social media, that is not a reason to end it. Life is precious and even the worst moments will pass. Go talk to your family...your friends...a counselor because so many before you couldn't handle it. You are YOUNG... you don't have to be strong every minute...there are people out there that can help you. Taking your own lives only destroys your family who is left behind. Nothing is so bad that you have to do that. I wish I could have hugged you. I'm sorry for the pain you had to be in. I hope others read that article as I did, and look a little deeper in how to help prevent this from happening. Maybe checking on their own child's social media accounts, ask more questions, and demanding that bullies of every kind are held accountable for what they have said and done.

Dear Jackson, I am sorry you don't like me so much right now. I am not suppose to be your buddy all the time. There are plenty of times I have to just be your mom like it or not. I really hope one day you understand how much I love you and how important your education is. I hope you don't stay mad at me....because I love you so much.

Dear Scott, Thanks for taking Jackson to school today. The sleep did me well! I hope you don't mind picking us something for dinner tonight.. pretty please!? I love you!

Dear Megan, Congratulations on the new baby boy! You already know I love his name! I know your dad is over the moon right now...can't wait to see you and meet him!

Dear Martin McNeil, I seriously believed you killed your wife...soon a jury of your peers will be deciding your fate but you better think about what you are going to say to God. You destroyed your kids with what you did to their mother. What kind of man does that? Go directly to hell.. don't pass go and don't collect $200. Asshole.

Dear Don, Congratulations Gram-pa! I know you are super excited for the new addition to your family! Can't wait to see you at Christmas!

Dear Vicki, I am so glad you are going to be up for Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see you!

Dear Shanna, Thank you for all the late night talks. Well, I guess not so late anymore.. but thanks for all the time to make to talk to me! I love you .... and don't forget about that website I told you about last night!

Dear Brittany, I am so happy you are in love with your new iphone. Feel lucky because at 12 I didn't have a cell phone. Just do right with and keep getting good grades or your going to be in your brothers situation and you won't like it much! I love and miss you. And could you also try to cut your dad a little bit of a break? He's only human too.

Dear Zane, We miss you! Your birthday is coming up verrrrrrrrry soon! Happy Happy Birthday!

Dear Christmas, You are creeping up on me.....and I am so not ready! Honestly, it seems to get more expensive and complicated every year. I would love to just not have to worry about it all. BUT... I am going to enjoy you no matter if you break the bank or not!

Dear Jordan, I know something is going on with you, I just don't know what. I hope you are ok. My wish is, you will break away from them and come get to know the rest of your family. We all love you and want you in our lives.

Dear Romeo, I know I am not suppose to pick favorites but you are seriously one of the coolest kitty cats in the world. I love you.

Dear Trina, I am so happy to have found that sewing machine last night. You know when I call early its either bad or good.. no in between. I was so happy to deliver the good news before you headed in to work! Can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving!

Dear Shannon, Don't get too free with those phone calls because it will only take a few more times before you will hear from me and I am not near as pleasant as Scott.

Dear Fall, I still love you but the cold winter days are not far off. I really am trying to toughen up and not complain so much but I am not really looking forward to it. I don't like shivering...and I don't like not being able to have the windows open. I wish it could be like it was yesterday all the time!

Dear Mom, Glad you guys are getting to move into your new house soon! I know you and Don will be very happy there in your mini mansion! :)

Dear Bloggy/ Youtube Friends, Thank you guys for coming to visit me and my little blog! I love hearing from you guys. Every day I find so much inspiraton and love in the blogging/youtube communities. I seriously love blogging, videoing, editing... it all just fits me like a puzzle piece! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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