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Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Friday! I hope you have a great holiday with your friends and family! Its now time for another installment of Friday Letters. I use to link up over here but she rarely does the link up anymore. SO...I am including a linkup and the bottom and if you want to share your Friday Letters, feel free!

Dear God, Thank you for always blessing us with more than we need. Its hard to admit that because there are so many extras that we always want but we really are blessed for everything in our lives. Thank you.

Dear Trina, I am super glad that you came down for Thanksgiving! It was wonderful seeing you and Trent. And I totally enjoyed Emily and Brandon. Its nice to see him with someone so sweet! I am sooooooo happy you got a new car that you like. Your brother will always take care of you.. and be sure to drive safe. We love you!

Dear Kitty Cats, I know you were all upset that there was a houseful of strange people here for a couple of days but they are gone now....and you can come out of hiding!

Dear Thanksgiving, I worked all through you in the kitchen getting things ready for our family. I even did the cleanup last night and I didn't feel overwhelmed at all. Thank you to my Holiday Planner for making things so much easier!

Dear Mom & Laci, I missed you last night but Christmas is just around the corner! Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Jackson, how many times have I told you to call me either Mom or Mommy. Yes, I am Kisha, but I don't like you calling my name. To you, I am and will always be MOM. ♥

Dear Grandma, Do you know how much I miss you. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Uncle Buddy. I love you.

Dear Black Friday Shoppers, Glad it was you and not me. No discount, no sale where hoards of people are is ever going to get me out the day after Thanksgiving. I would rather slit my own throat first. But I am sure I will enjoy Cyber Monday!

Dear Brittany Belle, I miss you.. I miss you.. I miss you. I would have loved having you here for Thanksgiving. But I am sure you had lots of Turkey!

Dear Wet Cold Weather, You suck.. the end.

Dear Scott, You tossing and turning in bed this morning was driving me crazy! I am so tired today and we have plans I am going to stay awake is beyond me but I will try! I love you and glad we had yet another Thanksgiving together.

Dear Jordan, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I miss you and wish you would contact me. Its time don't you think? Fear can only take you so far. Sometimes you just need to be brave for a couple seconds and see where it leads you. Try it.

Dear Friday, I am totally exhausted... and I mean in every way. I am sleepy, cold, and not doing anything today that I don't want to do so that narrows things down a bit. I plan on keeping my ass on this couch until husby gets home. Then its time to get up and go out...but when I climb in bed tonight, I know its going to be the most rewarding part of my day.

Dear Dad, I wish you had been sitting at our Thanksgiving table this year.. every year. The same goes for Catherine, Jeremy, Patti, John Allen, Heather, Joey, and even Billie. I have to believe and hold on to hoping that somehow you were able to look down on us and know we are all happy and doing ok. We all miss you and one day we will all be together again. In the meantime come see us in our dreams.

Dear Bloggy/Youtube Friends, I hope each one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you don't celebrate, I still hope your Thursday was filled with blessings, love, and happy memories. Thank you guys for coming to check out this blog, my youtube channels, and for always being supportive. I love you all and you guys have touched my heart in a very special way. Happy Holidays.

If you want to link up your Friday Letters, feel free to do so below!

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