Yawn - Early Mornings -

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Wake up!!!
Morning Friends! Mornings really suck don't they. I don't think I really know a happy morning person besides my husband. I think its a rare breed to find someone who springs out of the early bed happy. I have started actually faking it for Jackson. Some mornings, like this morning, he talks my head off. He goes on and on for a full 12 minutes. In my head, I am thinking... I need more coffee and wishing the carpool lanes would hurry up so I could get back home to bed! But I am not getting grumpy. I just don't want him to start his day off bad so I fake it all the way. Today I think I am actually staying up because I got a long to do list and want to get it all done. But the coffee is going to have to kick in fast! I thought I might go back to sleep for a few hours but I will for sure get more done if I just stay up. YUCK! On my way home from taking Jackson to school its started raining so its the perfect day to stay home and get things done. I doubt I will leave at all today. I love days when I get to stay home. I got all my errands ran yesterday with Scott so that sure makes today easier! Our weather is going to pretty cool over the next few days. The highest until this time next week is only 71! WOW.. Fall is here. We still need to gather up firewood to keep things cozy otherwise I am going to have to get the heat going. I still need to winterize the house and car. Stay tuned for those videos coming up soon! I am working to get back on a regular posting schedule for the winter months....which means lots of planning. Hopefully I can get my posting schedule done for rest of the year which does make things easier for me to figure out. I get asked all the time about filming. Yes, it does take work and planning, but part of my life here as a housewife is Youtube. So its kinda like a job to me so I try to take it serious. With Vlogging its much more personal. You guys get a even better peak into our lives...which is a bit easier than having to plan out a big video. But its still work with the editing and uploading. I still enjoy it and plan on doing many more videos before the end of the year! And don't forget to let me know if you have a video request by using my contact form on this page.

Time for another coffee refill and I need to toss laundry around. Anyway, I hope you are having a great Morning! I'll be back soon!


K Jaggers
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