Weekend in Review!

Monday, October 7, 2013
Morning coffeeHappy Monday Friends. I don't know about you, but I wasn't so happy crawling out of my comfy bed this morning. It has been pouring down all night long...the storms kept waking me up and its still raining right now. It sure would have been nice to have stayed in bed and slept in. Instead we did the " Monday Morning Hustle" where I was trying to wake up, get dressed, get Jackson ready and out the door to school. We were actually a little late getting out the door. Jackson got to school 5 minutes before the bell rang which didn't make him too happy. He was also tired and grumpy and begged me to turn around and go back home. NOT!

This weekend was pretty ordinary. Not much went on but we still managed to have a good time. 

Making Planning Time: 

Saturday I took the morning and afternoon to prepare for the upcoming week. Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee and a planner when trying to map out all we have going on. It pretty much falls on me to keep us all running on time to all our appointments, to keep the bills paid on time ( which I suck at! ), keep the house cleaned and take care of the animals. It's a lot. I wouldn't change it for anything but in order to keep things running smoothly around here, I have to plan. So I took the time needed to menu plan, figure out what videos I need to make this week, prepare for upcoming Jackson school events, along with a lot more. One friend/reader recently asked me how to stay motivated with a calender.. which I do plan on doing a video on.. But the #1 tip I have is : MAKE YOURSELF SIT DOWN FOR 10-15 MINUTES A DAY AND PLAN. Its that's simple! 


I did a little grocery shopping this weekend but we didn't need much. Just a few school lunch items and a few things that will get us through this week. I have another food haul coming up soon from this trip. I remember thinking while I was going down isle by isle that we are really lucky to have such nice food stores where we can find virtually anything we want. I think a lot of us take that for granted. We have so many options...and I took my sweet time checking items off my list item by item! Scott was trying to rush me out of there because we had some other errands to run but I managed to get all we needed. 


I think the kittens that are bouncing around my house are the cutest ever! BUT...they are super messy. I spent a lot of my time this weekend taking care of cleaning up all their messes.. cleaning out litter boxes.. cleaning little messy butts, and bathing them all. Yea, its a lot of work to breed cats. I wish people would really understand that its not just cute kittens. There is so much more that goes into it. I need to get their papers filled out and sent in because it won't be much longer before its time to find them new happy homes. BTW. Gabby seems to be feeling better and she looks great after getting groomed. I think it made her feel better too! Super Cooper drove us all nuts to go out and play which was fine before the rain set in. But keeping his big ass in the house all day is like having a bored 3 year old driving you crazy. He is sooooooo ball crazy! 


 Saturday we had some delicious steak sandwiches for dinner and last night was pizza night. We made homemade pizzas which were pretty good. I don't even like pizza most of the time but I enjoyed it last night! I guess its different when I make the pizza! Scott even helped make his ( which you can check out more in my Sunday Vlogtober Video which should be up soon! Just come back here in a bit to watch! ) We all enjoyed our simple pizza night!


I spent a little time on Saturday cleaning but most of my cleaning was done yesterday. I started kinda early and then waited until it was bedtime ( I know) to clean more. I decided to jump start as much as I could last night so today would be easier. I really wish I could hire a maid that would come once or twice a week but husby is not going along with that unless I go back to work! I understand but it takes a while to clean this big house. I still have more to do today but I am thankful that some of my jobs including the master bedroom and bathroom, and the other bathroom upstairs are finished. I still need to clean the spare bedroom, dining room, and living room today but I am already ahead of the game! :) And lets not forget about the laundry that is always always always waiting on me. I wish I could catch it up and keep it that way but I am afraid that is just a dream! 

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The rest of the day I will be working here at home finishing the cleaning and working on videos. I think it is suppose to rain most of day so its perfect for staying home. I think the first thing I need to do is get another cup of coffee, find some breakfast and toss laundry.....again! I was going to go back to bed but I should stay up and get things crossed off my ever growing to do list. Plus I want to work on a couple of videos too. I am also starting to plan Jackson's birthday and even Thanksgiving. I know we still have a little time but I have already invited some family and thought I would maybe work on getting the invitations designed. So lots to do! I hope you have a wonderful week! 

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  1. Dang! You got a lot done!! That's super impressive. The animals collage melted my heart. Too cute :)

    Thanks for linking up for MMG!

  2. I tried to watch your vlog you posted today but it won't let me it says you haven't made it available to give on mobile :(


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