Waking up..

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Good Morning Friends. I hope your all getting a good start to this Tuesday. I have already took Jackson to school and I am doing my best to not go crawl back in my bed. Instead, I am sitting at the desk working on some November plans but I still want to go back to my warm cozy bed. I have a bunch of stuff I hope to get done today including making 2 videos, cleaning up the house more, and do more desk work. And I also have to get to the store today or tomorrow too. Plus I have to finish figuring out what our Halloween menu is going to be this year. I always like to do something fun! We don't normally do a lot of parties but we always have a nice night at home with a uncommon kind of dinner. I think there is something so sweet about watching the little kids go up and down the street in their cute costumes. I don't think Halloween is just for kids either... because I love this magical time of the year and I'm 37. I do need to check on when the kids around here are trick or treating. I have yet to stock up on the candy and I don't want to disappoint any ghosts or zombies!

Speaking of Zombies... Guess who died last night or this morning?

Yep.. Our President Obama fish died. We had him for a long while but what killed him was getting stuck in the alligators mouth. We had this fake fish tank alligator skull in the bottom of the tank that he loved to go into. He grew too big and last time he got stuck, he were able to save him BUT last night was a different story. So now he is in Fish Heaven hopefully swimming around in bliss. I hated it because we really loved that fish and had him for a long while but he's gone now. Thankfully husby was the one who got to take care of him before I woke up. RIP Mr. Goldfish.

It was easy going to sleep but staying a sleep all night long was not so easy so I am am starting the day off tired. Not good if I want it to be a productive day. But I am going to do my best to forge through the day tired or not and see how much I can actually get done. Scott is going to be home on Wednesday so that normally means that I do more on Tuesday and Thursdays. I get asked a lot about my routines so I have some videos coming up soon to explain each one!

I hope you have a wonderful day! I'll be back a little later.


K Jaggers
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