Tuesday Tips & Tricks _ How to Properly Clean your Wood Cutting Board - Video

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Hello friends. I hope you are having a nice evening. I have lacked with blogging and videos today due to my heavy heart over our kitty Gabby. She is still in the animal hospital and we are unsure and awaiting the outcome of the test. So its been a difficult day to say the least. However, last week I got this video ready for you guys.. so I am going ahead and posting it.

So many of us have wood cutting boards that just are not being cleaned right. Its so simple to clean a wood cutting board. I don't even use water. Keep in mind I use glass or plastic cutting boards for meats and fish. But I use wood for everything else. I have been hard on my wood cutting boards. A few times I spilled food coloring on it a couple times that I never got out but its ok. Cutting boards take the abuse and stand up well to it. I have paid big prices for some of my cutting boards and really want to take care of them. If you do happen to get your board really wet, its best to stand it up on its side to keep it from warping.

This is how I was taught to do it in Culinary School. 

Is this how you clean your wood boards? Have another tip or trick for wood cutting boards!? Leave it below! 

K Jaggers

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