Shit it's COLD!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

favourite worst nightmare
I am kinda running late with this post. I have been awake for a couple hours but its been too cold to break out the computer! I woke up to the house being 65 upstairs. Last night, husby and I started feeling pretty chilly about 1am so I decide to turn on the heat for the first time. I have been running the heat on the first floor but had yet to turn it on upstairs. So make the switch over on the little wall unit and within 2 minutes all the fire alarms started going off. It was crazy. The animals were flipping out, Scott had to get up and go into the attic to make sure there was no fire up there. We decided we had better turn it off until we could be awake to make sure nothing bad happens. So this morning it was more than just a little cool. It was freezing! I decide about 10am to turn on the heat again upstairs. I quickly jumped out of the bed, switched it over again and back under the covers I went. Its pretty dang cold outside and our house was no different. Thankfully, no fire alarms have went off today. Over and over I would jump out of the bed to do something and seconds later, I would be right back snuggled under the blankets. Thank goodness for heat otherwise I would probably still be under those blankets! I am trying my best to " get along " with winter and not hate it so much. Well, in order for that to happen, the heat has to be going inside! I have a pretty busy day. I think I am going to take Scott lunch here in a bit, I have a teacher parent conference at Jackson's school at 4pm and I also have stuff to do around the house and I want to film today. Lots to squeeze in. I am trying to warm my bones up with heat and coffee so I can get ready and head out the door. I am sure he is waiting on me! Anyway, I hope you had a warm start to your day! I'll be back soon! 


K Jaggers
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