Happy Saturday!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Good afternoon friends! I am running a little late today but that's whats so great about weekends! I love being able to sleep in and not having to worry about waking up to a loud ass alarm clock to get Jackson to school on time. However, I woke up today to a kid free house which scared me to death. I called Scott asap and asked him where is my son?? He said..." Oh don't worry, he went to Davids about 10:30. WHAT!?  I wasn't too happy that he left this morning and he did leave a note but that sure didn't make me feel much better. I tried calling him...the phone was dead so I got in the car 5 minutes after I was out of the bed. I found Mr. Jackson, and had a nice little talk about not leaving before I get up and to ALWAYS ALWAYS take his phone which should always be charged and back out he went. I didn't flip out because I had talked to Scott but it could have been a very crazy day if I hadn't found him. I am so not use to waking up and him not being here. I am just glad I set eyes on him, talk to him and know that he is ok. Little boys make a lot of dumb decisions...and I really worry about him. 

So its a cold wet day out....and I don't plan on doing much today.. Maybe some baking...but I am not feeling that good so I plan on hanging out on the couch for a while. My stomach is hurting and until it feels better, I am going to sit right here, enjoy my CNN, and work online. I do feel blessed to be able to make my own schedule most days. I should go to the post office later today but I jufe321st might have Scott take me tomorrow. So far, he is having a slow day at the dealership too.. However, I am sure when its time for him to come home....the customers will show up making him work late. I hate it but its just part of the car business. 

I hope you guys are enjoying your day even if the weather isn't so nice! 

I'll be back in a bit with yesterdays's vlog! 


K Jaggers
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