Happy October!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
Happy Happy October friends! I can't believe fall is already here. Its been creeping in the past couple of weeks but now fall is going to come on fast. It was pretty cool taking Jackson to school this morning but I think its suppose to warm up to the low 70's... so it should be a nice day. I don't know if I am staying up or not because right now dozing back off for a couple hours sounds really nice. I am waiting to hear about Gabby. Thank you guys for all your sweet comments on youtube about her. I just hope she has started to eat again or this could get even worse. They should be calling me in the next hour with an update. I am just hoping she is eating and drinking again. The babies did ok with her last night. I woke up to the smokey one trying to get milk out of one of my fingers! Ha.. nope that sure didn't happen but I did get out of bed and get him some breakfast so he would stop trying to nurse my fingers. I am not sure what I am doing today besides staying home and cleaning and hopefully picking up Gabby.  I might work on some videos today. I still have not filmed  my  - Ask the Housewife - so that might happen later too. But right now I am going to get a refill on the coffee and decide if I am dozing back off or staying up. I think dozing back off sounds better than anything else! Anyway, I hope you all are having a great morning. Happy October!! I'll be back soon!


K Jaggers