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Thursday, October 10, 2013
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Good Morning Friends. I don't know how good it really is being my neck is still hurting like hell. In case you don't know, yesterday I moved the wrong way and felt this immediate streak of pain going from the right side of my neck fading down into my back and right arm. It was awful all night long and the medications that I took, hoping to help, knocked me out. I barely got up to get Jackson's stuff ready and get prepared for morning. I normally don't function too well in the early hours of the morning so I like to get prepared the night before. Well, last night I stumbled through my routine ( in pain ) and I was ever so thankful for it this morning. I am still hurting really bad but having everything ready made getting out the front door so much easier. I cannot stress how important a nightly routine is to my life. Otherwise I would have just stayed asleep on the couch and forgot about it. But being its such an important aspect of my daily life, I dragged myself up to get it done. I am still pondering if I should stay up or go back to bed. If I take more meds, I am for sure going to doze back off. Maybe some more sleep would help. Idk but its not going to be a good day unless I get feeling better...FAST! It wasn't so easy to sleep because I would roll over and feel this shooting pain. And not to mention I had a very scary dream. Perfect right!?

One thing that I did want to mention again....if you click on one of the links for a freebie and you can't get it, it means that its out of stock. Freebies come and go fast so I cannot guarantee it will be available when any of you try to get it. You have to be fast. If you are really interested in the freebies I post, you have to check back OFTEN to not miss out. I just don't have the time to go cross out all the freebies that have run out so its up to you to see if its still available. 

Well, I just fed the kitty cats and they are running around here like a crazy kittys. I am hoping that they start getting tired so I can doze back off but right now they are leaping on and off the bed! They just figured out that they can make the jump without getting hurt so I guess they are all practicing! 

I will be back a little later. I am taking some more meds for my neck and resting for a few more hours. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!


K Jaggers
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