Friday Letters!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Friday Friends... I hope you are having happy and warm morning. Here are all my Friday Letters, hope you enjoy!

Dear Jackson, I hope you had a great birthday. It's not exactly how I envisioned it but I am just happy that you are happy. And you have no school today! Yea!! :) I love you. 

Dear Comcast, I am not one bit happy that you are going out possibly today for who knows how long.  I am trying to adapt to the idea of loosing cable and internet for a few days. I have already prepared as much as I can but its going to be a change. Thankfully, I can still get online by hooking my phone up to my computer but its not near as fast. Hopefully, we will do just fine with watching DVD's and getting our news and such online. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Dear Weather, 

Your cool days and even colder nights is making me just want to stay home. It's amazing at how little I actually leave when the weather changes. Yesterday morning the house was soooooo cold but today its warmer in here. Thank you heat. I guess I need to just get use to the changing weather....its here to stay for a while. 

Dear Holidays, You are so creeping up on us. I can't believe it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas in a matter of weeks. It totally scares the shit out of me but I am trying to plan as much as I can to make things simple. 

Dear Self, You seriously need to figure out how to get some excerise into your life. Walk the dog, go back the YMCA, take a Yoga something! It would probably make your body feel better. 

Dear CNN, Black Fish was amazing last night. I think its time we all get use to the idea of no longer having parks like Sea World. Instead, its should be more of a sanctuary where the killer whales and dolphins are rehabilitated and released back into the ocean. No big fish like that deserves to live in a bathtub all of its life. The show was totally heartbreaking but very informational. 

Dear Scott, Glad you are home with us today! I don't know what the day holds but hopefully we all have a great day together. 

Dr. Martin MacNeill, We all know you killed your wife. I hope the jury makes the right decision. What you did to your kids is so sad. You belong in hell and until then prison will do. 

Dear Shanna, I sure hope you get feeling better. I am pretty worried about you. Just take it easy and find out what is going we can get you feeling better! Thank you for always listening to me. I love you. 

Dear Bathtub, I love you. I think you are the one place in the house that I can totally escape everything. That time is MY TIME and I love it. You make me sooooooo happy! 

Dear Courtney, Thanks for all the lies and bullshit. I truly believed you and now I feel like a fool. My hands are washed of you....never contact me again. And it looks like Michael was right huh?

Dear Kittens, I keep saying that you have to move out but I will hate it when that day happens. However, its about time for you to go to your new loving homes and make other families smile as much you make me. Its time. But we first got to get you to the VET and get your shots. 

Dear Brittany, You are growing up so fast. I miss you and wish I could be there on your birthday. Just remember no matter if we are together or apart, know that I am always with you. We carry each other in our hearts everywhere we go. 

Dear Mom, We will be in Florida before long! I am so happy you guys look like you are finally selling your house! Good luck...I know you are ready to move! I love you. 

Dear Bloggy/Youtube Friends, I hope you all had a great week. I think time has been flying by. I really want to say thank you. With this blog and my youtube channels I have become braver and more sure of myself as time goes on and I keep surprising myself at how comfortable I feel blogging and making videos. I have you, my readers and viewers to thank for that.  Between posting here and on YouTube about my favorite products, organizational tips, and personal life,  your support has helped to give me the confidence to be myself.   Thanks for helping me in my journey.  I only hope I can help you in some way along yours! Btw. there is a poll on the right side of the blog in the sidebar and I would love it if you took a few seconds to pick what YOU would like to see around here more. I think I will make a page with more questions and answers just so I can get more feedback. Thank you guys for all your comments and support. It truly means a lot to me. Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday


K Jaggers

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