Friday Letters!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you are all having a wonderful morning! Here is another installment of Friday Letters.. hope you enjoy! And btw.. these are in no particular order. Recently I was asked if they are listed by importance....nope, just how they flow from my head to the keyboard! 

Dear Gabby, You have no idea how worried I was about you. I hope somehow you know how much we love and care for you. You had a bunch of new friends showing up to send you get well wishes! I think if you would have stayed in the pet hospital one minute longer, you probably would have had get well flowers filling your little area. I am so happy that you are feeling a little better. One day at a time. 

Dear Creature Comforts, Thank you for the loving care you gave her during her stay. We just moved here to this area and finding a good Vet was high on the list. Too bad we had to find you when Gabby was sick, but never the less, we are so very thankful and grateful for all your help. 

Dear Scott, Thank you for taking Jackson to school today. I was able to stay up a little later last night and get a jump start on today. Thank you baby! I wish you could have played golf Wed. but sometimes schedules take over. Have a great day! 

Dear October, I think I have waited all year for you. Its amazing how one season can feel so fresh and nice. I love the crisp morning air and I love watching the leaves fall. It's time for warm cozy fireplaces, comforting meals, sweaters, and warm drinks! I welcome your arrival! 

Dear Tyler Perry, I dreamed of you at Whitney's funeral the other night. I cannot figure out why except I think you speaking at her funeral was one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. I would love for you to get up and speak for me when its over.. and I would also come watch you preach. Guess that's why I am dreaming about you. 

Dear Brittany, I know you are busy with school and cheer leading but you better make more time to talk to your mom! I miss you.. and I will never ever go more than 2 days without hearing your voice so you better stop being so busy and make more time for your mom!

Dear Mrs Strickland & Mrs Shubeck, Thank you both for sitting down and talking with Scott and I about Jackson and his grades. We just don't want to mess up and shit...5th grade is hard! :) But thanks again for taking that time to help us figure things out a little better.

Dear Kittens, Thanks for the very big mess you left in my bed the other night. I seriously wanted to scream but was wayyyy to tired. I had to use an entire bottle of bleach on my bedding. Thanks. But you are precious so I forgive you!

Dear Mom, I haven't talked to you in a few days.. hope you are doing good. Love and miss you!

Dear Cooper, You smell like a wet dirty dog. Either Scott is going to have to take care of that very soon or you are going to be moving outside.

Dear Capitol Police, I didn't realize how bad ass you guys were until that woman went nuts and drove through barricades yesterday. I have been to Washington DC many times but I never noticed your presence. Well, let me just say, I was impressed.

Dear Jackson, I hope you have a wonderful day at school so you can have xbox this weekend!

Dear Trina, Thank you so much for your help yesterday. We both truly appreciate it. Get packed up and get down here for Thanksgiving! I love you. 

Dear Fall Decorations, I seriously need to get you out today. I have been putting it off for a while but its time to festive around here!

Dear Jordan, I wish another month wouldn't have passed without you calling. I miss you and I wish we could get to know each other again. You just have to break free from what you know to try something different. You might just like it.

Dear Government, A BIG part of me wanted to say, - Dear Republicans - What the hell are you doing? Do you really think trying to stop/change Obamacare  is a good enough reason to put this country at risk like you are. I think you should be ashamed and need to get your shit together. The PRESIDENT ran 2 races on this health care reform and was voted in TWICE and now your shocked and upset that it's here. I frankly think we should toss you out on your asses and let you feel what many others are going through right now. Stop doing this to YOUR COUNTRY.

Dear Shanna, Thanks for all those funny, crazy, sad, and worried conversations with me. Your such a good friend. I love you.. and can't wait to see Eric's Senior Pictures!

Dear Laci, Glad you are happy in Ireland....we have all been worried about you but we are happy you are doing so good!

Have a great Friday!

 K Jaggers
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  1. Stopping by from Friday's Letters! I am so glad that I am not the only one obsessing over fall! I am ready for sweaters and scarves and boots!!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Hi, thinking of you and your cat Gabby sending prayers and get will wishes your way. Have a good weekend and take care.


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