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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Helloooo friends! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Its cold here....making it hard for me to want to do anything! So what better time to do a - updated - What's in my Bag Video! :)  Plus show you some of my favorite fall bags! Here's the video...more pictures and info below. 

Hope you enjoy!

So here is a complete breakdown of how I organize my medium sized handbags. 

 Beauty Side:

1. Medicine Bag: I keep this handy bag with me at all times. 

2. Make up Bag: This has all the essentials I would need for one night. 

3. Boars Hair Hairbrush: Perfect size for any purse and really good for your hair. 

4. Imatrex Migraine Shot that I have to have near me at all times. 

1. Modella Quilted Pouch: This holds every makeup item I would need for a night. I could create many looks from just these few essentials. 

2. Milani Cream to Powder Makeup: Perfect for the purse. It does double duty being its a foundation and powder. 

3. Physicans Formula Shimmer Strip in Natural Glow: I like having this for a quick highlight. It gives the most beautiful glow. And this can also be used for eye shadow too. 

4. ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder: I love this because again.. its a dual product. This holds a very pretty blush and natural bronzer that is great for contouring. 

5. Avon Eight in One in Neutral Tones: This is a amazing little set of neutral shadows that I can create a ton of looks from. Its super slim and fits nicely in the pouch. 

6. Great Lashes Loads of Lashes Mascara in Black: I think this is a mascara that is over looked a lot. I love it and its handy heart shaped brush really opens my eyes and flares out my lashes. 

7. Avon Glimmersticks Liqui-glide in black: This is an amazing little liner that lasts forever on the waterline. I love it. 
8. Assortment of Brushes: I have a mini foundation brush, a flat shading brush, a blending brush and a retractable blush/bronzer brush. 

9. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Vintage Pink: This shade goes with practically anything and feels great on my lips

10. Loreal Color Rich Gloss & Burt's Bees Lip Shine: These are just 2 pink lip glosses that I love. I do tend to switch these out often. 

1. Betseyville Bag: This is my " medicine bag" of sorts. I cannot begin to tell you how handy this bag has been to not only myself but to my family too. This is kinda a rubbery bag that that stretches easily and holds a lot. 

2. All Season Professional Glass File: I have had this glass file for a while now and love it so much. Its better for your nails than the old style emery boards and it helps to prevent chipping and peeling nails. 

3. Toms All Natural Deodorant: This is just a travel size that I keep just in case! 

4. EOS Hand Cream: This feels and smells so nice. Its a top favorite of mine! 

5. Travel Size Scope: Just for those nights when you need to freshen up after dinner out or perfect for traveling. 

6. Razor: I had this in my purse because I was going to the YMCA a lot. Clearly I only have this in my purse when I am home or traveling in a car. Agian.. its one of those just in case items. 

7. Cross: This is a cross that my grandfather gave my daughter, who gave it to me and now it lives in my purse. In a way, I don't feel safe without it. It lives in this bag but has moved around a lot. 

8. Avon Mirror: This is such a cute blinged out mirror that I keep in this section because the bag is really padded. 

9. Avon Tweezers: These are small and sharp, perfect for any purse. These have came in handy so many times and who knows when you are going to look in the car mirror and see a hair that needs to be gone! These are perfect! 

10. Clear Eyes: I keep this in here for days when my eyes are really dry or tired. Its just a small bottle because I rarely use it. 

11. Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream: Another must have. I use this all the time when I am sitting around waiting. This product does such a great job at keeping my cuticles soft and moisturized. 

12. Band-aids: Various sizes of band-aids that my entire family uses. 

13. Samples: I have lots of little samples that come in handy when I am traveling in the car. Its nice to know that everything I need is right in this little pouch. 

14. Feminine Hygiene Products: for you know what. 

15. Revlon Manicure Kit: This has clippers, a cuticle cutter, a nail file and a buffer. To see more about this kit click here! 

16. Advil: I was out of these and need to restock asap. 

17. Whisp's : I normally have these little one time toothbrushes in this bag too but need to restock! 

1. Modella Teal and Brown Case: This is a very long soft case that I use for miscellaneous items. Giving these few items a place of their own insures that they won't end up in the bottom of my purse. 

2. Hair Ties: I couldn't live without having a hair tie in my bag. I have a bunch and use them on a daily basis. 

3. Duracell Re Chargeable Batteries: I use these for my camera. I always have a set charged and ready in case I need a backup set. 

4. Jackson's medication: I could probably fit these in the medicine bag and yes that would make sense but this pouch is easier to get in and out. I don't want to loose it.. so it lives in my purse. 

5. Earphones: I use these to watch youtube or listen to music on my phone. 

6. USB Cord: I have this because I can charge my phone from anywhere with this little cord. 

7. Pen & Pencil: I only keep a couple pens in my purse and the rest live in my little pouches that I keep in the house. 

8. Kleenex: Just for days when I have the sniffles! 

9. Luna Bar: I normally have either a Luna Bar or a Cliff Bar in my purse for those days when I need food on the go. 

Other Items: 

1. Calender and Notebook: I keep a calender for quick notes on important dates. I also keep a little notebook for any quick notes I want to write down. 

2. Old ELF Bag: This little bag has came in so handy. I have used it for a wet swim suit, food that I wanted to bring along, and I even put receipts in it at times. 

3. Phone: My phone lives in the back pocket of my purse. It holds many apps that I find so handy including Key Chain that holds all my store savings cards. 

4. Car Key and Post Office Key: I don't like to carry a lot of keys. I get into the house from the garage so I don't really carry a house key most of the time. 

5. Change Purse: Simple black change purse that I never allow to fill up and get heavy. When I notice it getting full, I empty it in a glass jar. 

6. Wallet: This is a very tiny clutch that holds my credit cards and license in . I also carry cash and if I am just making a quick run, I grab just this little clutch and go! 

7. Camera: Not shown because I was using it but I take it everywhere I go. 

So do you organize your handbags? Do you organize your handbags? I would love to know.. you can leave it in the comments or on any social media using #GlamFrenchHousewife

Happy Weekend! 

K Jaggers

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  1. SO much organization I'm swoooooning! Love it! Thanks for inspiring me to def clean out my bag! You are awesome for linkin up to Sunday FUNday! I appreciate it and hope to see you this week too! XO

  2. Nice! You make me want to clean my purse out. I'm hosting a giveaway for two great pillow covers that you should enter! http://homecomingmn.blogspot.com/2013/11/pillow-covers-giveaway.html


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