Weekend in Review!

Monday, September 16, 2013


My little Jackson has a big obsession with video games. I have been having trouble keeping him off the xbox.  - Why couldn't they make school like a video game?? Because he would do sooooo good! - It has been almost impossible to get him to do anything else other than video games.  I am just happy that today he went back to school and will get a break! Do you guys have kids that love video games? I would love to figure out the right balance but its hard. I think its just a way to relax after a busy school day or whatever but I would much rather he pick up a book instead!

Saturday Projects:

Saturday I didn't just sit around and do nothing. Instead, I got up and tackled a couple easy projects. I really felt like it was time to get the herbs planted and get some kind of organized system for my magazines. I have so many that its been hard keeping them straight. If you want to see more about my little projects you can click right here and watch the video! 

Fall Moving In:

Its seems like fall is showing up everywhere! The weather is slowly changing. The winds have been strong and leaves have been flying off the trees. I am loving loving loving my last Leaves candle. I wonder if they are going to have them at Bath & Body Works this season too?? So many people love them and I can't imagine not having them. I even got a small sunflower bouquet of flowers too which screams fall to me! Last night it was getting cool and Jackson requested something very simple yet so delicious for dinner.. 

Yummmmmmy potato soup! It was so delicious! If you are wanting to see how I got this made in less than 30 minutes...check out yesterday's vlog! I was in such a hurry trying to get this done. I had sat around all day Sunday and then at the last minute I get the soup made. Jackson ate 2 bowls and so did I, not to mention that we have plenty for dinner tonight too! :)

Kitty Kisses:

The kittens are doing so great! I adore them and love watching each one get bigger! They are close to being able to get out of their little basket. I spend a lot of time on the floor with these sweet babies. I don't know anything else besides my husband and kids that touches my heart so much. I really believe that its been a totally privilege to breed Persian Cats. I have always wanted a cattery and for years now I have had my wish. Being this is Gabby's last litter I think I am ending things on with this litter. Its hard to imagine totally being done but this pregnancy wans't suppose to go so easy and I feel we should go out with a bang and not a whimper. I don't know if I will ever fully be done but I am so blessed for things going right this time. There is nothing sweeter or cuter than a new baby kitten! Be sure to come back and watch how they grow up! 

This week:

pink filofax

It seems that my schedule and husbys schedule is not going to match up this week. He has a lot of business meetings and such  plus he has a conference to go to. I doubt we will even see much of each other until Thursday and Friday. I am not going to let it bother me. Instead I am going to focus on more projects around the house and try to enjoy the peace and quiet. Tomorrow I have some shopping to do so today I am planning on cleaning out the frig and menu plan so my weekly grocery shopping will a breeze to get done. Plus I have some other shopping to do too as well. Have you seen the new handbags at Target that sold out in seconds!?

Oh my.. I think I am going to have to wait until they are stocked back up because I would love.. love.. love.. that navy blue one on the left ( second one from the top on the far left ). I heard on the news that they sold out in about 2 minutes. WOW! But I can't wait to get my hands on a few of these!

TumblrAnyway,  I think for the most part today, I will stay home and focus on things here. I have 1 errand that I do intend on running later but thats about it! Right now I am going to focus on planning out the day and enjoy some hot coffee. Scott just left to head to work and I got the house to myself...wonder what to do next!? I guess I will go on and toss laundry around and get the beds made. Nothing too busy or hard because it is Monday morning after all and I am still pretty sleepy! I hope you all have a wonderful fall week! 


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  1. how cute are those kittens?! :)


  2. You had a busy weekend! Looks like a good weekend!

    I got that bag on the left! I got purple though. Can't tell if it is the same. My version was only sold online though :( Good luck I hope you find a bag!

    Thanks for linking up!


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