Weekend in Review!

Monday, September 9, 2013
Early morning to each of you! I am barely awake and wishing like hell today was still the weekend but its not. I already got Jackson to school and now I am trying to figure out the rest of my day. I am thinking that I will head to the dealership later and have lunch with husby and maybe even fit a trip to our local library in. But right now... COFFEE....strong coffee! So this weekend wasn't that excitting. You know, I was thinking today that if was blogging in my 20's it would have been epic! But now that I am what they call a - grown up - life has been pretty boring! But here is how my weekend went! 

Precious Time:

I am totally 100% in love with my babies, well Gabby's babies! A lot of my free time is cuddling and playing with all 3 kittens. They are just so sweet that its hard to not want to have one in my hands 24/7. This is Gabby's last litter so I am taking in every second of having these kittys in our home. I don't want to get rid of any but I am not sure husby is going to go along with so many cats in our house. Aren't they precious!? Stay tuned for another kitty series video coming up soon! 


Another part of that entire adult thing is keeping up with my house and my family. This weekend was spent cleaning things up along with getting laundry caught up. Yea.. not fun but it does feel great to have a lot of it cleaned up. However, today is also cleaning day so I have more to do. I just wish things would stay clean and picked up longer. I don't know about you guys, but things get messy around here in a hurry. 

Desk Work/ Filming:

Also this weekend I spent a lot of time planning out this week. I would never stay on task or get anything done without the help of a planner and to do list. I am very faithful about taking Sunday evening to plan out everything that is coming up. I also took time to film a few videos and I have also been working hard at getting my sisters blog up and running. Its kinda hard because she is a blogging/vlogging newbie and pretty much getting a crash course before she heads off to Ireland in a week! So that project has took up a lot of my spare time but I want her set up and ready to go before she gets on that plane. 


I also fit in a little trip to the market this weekend too. I put off going for a few days and the boys around here thought they were starving! My trip around the store was pretty easy and didn't take up much of time. I really didn't want to be there. But I pushed my little buggy isle to isle sticking very close to my list ( with the exception of a few snacks ) and got out of there fast. Last night I made the husband approved steak sandwiches which are always a hit around here. It was paired up with some chili cheese fries Dinner was divine.. and so simple and easy to make. 

Little Big Things:
The rest of the weekend was spent with Scott and Jackson. I am still so shocked how quiet Jackson is. A lot of times I wouldn't even know he is in the house because hes just quiet. With the exception of some loud booms here and there when he decides to jump on the bed and flip off. When that starts happening, chandliers start shaking on the first floor. But hes such a good little boy.. and the light of my eye. Brittany has been doing great too. She is at her dads for the school year and working hard to make good grades and be a good cheerleader. A lot of my time is on the phone with her listening to all her junior high stories.. wishing I was there with her. But as long as she's doing ok. I am happy! 

I actually had a lot of phone calls this weekend. Its nice to catch up with family and friends. Scotts step mom called me this morning and had me laughing so hard I almost peed my pants! I also talked to my sister a lot which is nice because Skype will be her major form of communication once she is gone. So it was nice not only helping with her blog but catching up too. 

I also made time for a really good movie this weekend. I am not going to share it now.. but instead Thursday on my vlog channel. I was so excited to sit back and watch it that I actually closed the computer and put my phone on silent......sometimes you just need to shut everything out and relax. 

And I am still vloging!! To be honest, its not so easy finding new things to share with you guys. My life is pretty ordinary and not that exciting right now. But I am still sharing and loving it. I don't know how long I will keep doing it daily but I'll keep going until its not fun anymore. I love blogging and making videos so much that I doubt I will ever give it up completely. In fact, I have my blog journey video coming up later today. I hope you come back and watch it! 

I hope you have a wonderful week! 

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6 comments on "Weekend in Review!"
  1. What an impressively packed weekend! I would LOVE to get a kitten, but have only just started to keep plants alive for more than a few weeks, so baby steps... !

    1. hahaha! you'd be suprised at how easy they are to take care of! Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. You are a busy lady.I love the design you are working on for your sister. So cute.

  3. Now that I see your video, been out and about, had late lunch, read your blog posts, made comment read your replies, had a coffee, planned dinner, oh did that test from your last post and it was soooo true....am leaving a comment, need to do a video tomorrow and upload its on putting together a very simple planner,

  4. Sorry screen froze on me...was going to say one that Im currently using...bla...bla...bla...well I'm off now that you have entertained me long enough I must go get dinner ready so that I can play in my dream/goals book! Have you got one going? And no doubt catch up with your vlog later...now what did you say that movie was? What was it again I forgot what you said. Oh you know the one you just watched? Hmmmmm I forgo!....( messing with your head I just wanted you to tell me the name of the move and not have to wait till Thursday !). Did it work...lol


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