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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy Sunday! I hope you all are still sleeping in at this point! Its about 9am and I am up. Who knows why but I just decided to find my way to the coffee pot and watch the news for a bit. I am know it sounds silly while I am sitting here drinking coffee to wake up, but I hope to doze back off for a few hours. The house is quiet and everyone is still dreaming away and I am thinking it would be nice to join them. The kittens are up and bouncing around the bedroom. They are growing so fast. I have been wanting to get better pictures taken but trying to get the trio to stay still long enough for me to get the camera to focus is next to impossible. But I will keep trying because they are so darn cute! I don't have a clue what today holds. I hope to just sit back and enjoy having Scott and Jackson home. I know Jackson is wanting to go play basketball later so we might do that.. if it warms up. Its cold outside.. I about froze letting the dog out so I quickly got back under the blankets and plan on staying here for a couple more hours! I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and I will be back a little later with a new video! 


K Jaggers
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