Meet & Greet { Meet Laci! - Video }

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hi everyone! Today I want to introduce you all to my sister Laci! She is just starting to blog
 and vlog her way through Ireland and needs some new bloggy and youtube friends! I hope this video lets you know a little bit more about her mission and where you find her! 

Hope you enjoy!

Meet Laci:


K Jaggers

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1 comment on "Meet & Greet { Meet Laci! - Video }"
  1. Aw thanks sis! I laughed at so many parts of that video! I may feel like the entire fund raisin team on some days but honestly have at least 5 on that team not including myself thank the good Lord! And when you actually picked up the notebook to double check yourself-- Died laughing. I don't know why I found it s funny, it's late here... could be the issue. Regardless! Thanks for the shout out and all your help!


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