Happy Sunday!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

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Happy Sunday Friends!

I hope you are having a great afternoon. We are just hanging out around the house today, taking it easy. Scott and Jackson did go shopping, get ice cream, but I stayed home. I just got dinner put in the oven and getting ready to clean up the first floor a bit. Scott did get up and clean the house some.. I totally appreciate that! But in a matter of minutes, the kitchen became a mess again! Just stuff we need to put away from the store. Somehow in the last 24 hours 2 of our cats have appeared sick. Including Gabby. So she just went on antibiotics and I am wondering if I should separate her from the kittens. I am having a hard time doing it. Hopefully it won't be a decision I end up regretting. They are still nursing. Anyway, not much is going on today. I think we enjoying the peaceful day...hope you are finding peace on this beautiful Sunday too.


K Jaggers
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