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Friday, September 27, 2013

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Hello friends! I thought I would take a few minutes on this beautiful autumn night to say hi and check in. I use to blog every night and kinda give a highlight of what my day consisted of but with me vloging everyday, I just don't see the point. But I do miss it a little bit! Fall has really sat in around here. Right now I have the door cracked and there is a pretty cool breeze flowing in.  We really need to start getting firewood because the weather is changing fast. I am rather enjoying it. It just feels - fresh & new - to me. I am ready for harvest homecoming, the state fair, pumpkin picking, cozy dinners, and holiday planning. In fact, Scott told me tonight that he is good to go with going to Florida for Christmas and I need to figure out the dates. So right now it looks like we are going south for the Christmas. I think for Thanksgiving we will stay right here. I am hoping I can talk the big kids into coming but they have so family members houses to go to over the holidays, I am sure we are low on the list! But I am loving every minute of the fall. I am sure it won't be long before I am bitching about how cold winter is but I am totally soaking in all fall has to offer. I even think tomorrow I am going to start digging out some of our fall's on the to do list!

Today I mainly worked on videos.. I have so much coming up! When I am telling you about videos, most of the time there is a blog post that goes with them. I always always always post each video on here as soon as it goes live. I also added a page in the ↑ top ↑links - My Videos - that will take you to all of them in just one click!

Here are some of the videos that should be popping up soon!

* September Beauty Empties

* September Household Empties

Ask the Housewife Q & A - Have a question you want to ask? I am open to all questions, just hop over here and use this form to send it in! 

* What's in my Mailbox - September Edition - 

* Month in Review

* What's in my bag - I plan on doing a series showing how I organize my large purses, my medium sized handbags and even how I organize my clutch purses. Actually one of those will be up tomorrow with a very detailed blog post! Stayed tuned. 

* More Kitten Care Videos 

* My latest and greatest android phone apps

* A overhaul of our Kitchen pantry. 

* More Blog Tutorials

And that is just a start with what is happening in the coming days. More to come in October including:

* Fall Decorations

* Autumn inspired recipes

* Holiday Planning

* Tips for saving at the store

* Stocking your freezer for winter 

* More Vlogs

I really consider my youtube and blog to be one of the same. I love both and both are extensions of my life! I hope if you are not already that you take a few minutes to check out my channels:

The Glamorous French Housewife - My Housewife Life Videos - 

The Glamorous French Housewife - Glam Gossip Vlogs - 

good night | via TumblrI am so happy the weekend is here. I don't have to worry about getting things ready for the morning and I don't have to get up to take Jackson to school! In just a few minutes I am going to slip into a hot bath and end my night. I have been up watching a very stupid movie with husby and I am so thankful its off. Now its time to pack up the kittens and find my way to the second floor. I have to admit, I am enjoying myself here in South Carolina. The mountains are really pretty. And the rain has finally slowed down. Life seems to be calming down and we are falling into more of a schedule with school back in. I like it. I like quiet peaceful nights in. Nothing beats cozy nights at home. Nothing.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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