Calendar Organization : Project Management Books - Video - { Part 2}

Friday, September 6, 2013
Hello friends! So today I am sharing part 2 of my planners. I just got up part 1 that goes over my day planner in full ( check it out here! ) and now I am sharing my project management books. You can use all one planner if that works for you but I prefer to have a few other books. It makes things so much easier having a road map of the projects I want to accomplish. Here's the video.. more pictures and info below! 

I have 4 planners/books that I use on a daily basis. 

Day Planner :

This is a simple Plan Ahead Journal that costs $12.99, Walmart. 

I did have to do a lot to break it up and get it set up but it works really well for me. This is my most used planner. I have really been enjoying using this kinda book for the past year. I had a different one for the last 6 months but it wasn't as organized. However this one is broke down by:

Months:  a bill collector pocket for each month, along with a full monthly calender. Each day has a full page with the exception of Saturday and Sunday. 

Shopping:  An area with pockets to shopping list and coupons. 

Household : Daily Lists of household duties plus other home information. 

Important Info:  Contains card lists, addresses, passwords and other important life information. 

Blog:  Blog Schedules, Blog Ideas, Movies to review, Beauty items to review, recipes I want to try, Married Life Post that I want to write about, Sponsor Information, and there is a lot of space for random blog ideas. This is where the ideas start. Its really just 1 or 2 sentences that highlight whatever I am thinking about. 

Youbue : Again, this is just an area for fast ideas that I want to make videos about. 

I also have a subcategory for my Vlog channel that is also for very quick ideas. 

Back tabs include:

Projects: Quick scribbles of projects I want to start around the house. 

2014 Plans : This area is for anything I want to put in my new January book/planner. 

Scott & Jackson : Any information re the boys goes in this section. 

Pets: Notes about any of the Jaggers family pets will be in this section. 

Misc :Just random notes that don't fit in anywhere else. 

You can see everything in detail right here for this planner! 

Project Management:

This is a Martha Stewart Home Office book that was about $15 found at Staples. 

In this book I break down my projects in detail. I have it set up to match the months in my planner. For each month I have goals of things I want to accomplish.. mostly house stuff. I have a general idea such as: 

- Start Glam Gossip Channel 

And then I add subcategories that break down the project even more. 

- Make Channel
- Channel header ?
- Ads?
- Vlogust
- Get new video editing software
- Add new links to blog
- Channel Announcements 
- Other types of videos for this channel. 

In between each month is a bunch of extra pages to break down the projects even more. This is where they all come together on paper. 

I also have an area for both my blog and youtube.

Blog Section : For each month I break down the post I want to get published. I do not break down the post in this book but all planned blog post are listed. 

Youtube Section : Same as the blog. I have a page dedicated to each month with my youtube goals listed. Again, I do not break down the videos in this book. 

Right behind the blog and youtube section I have a section for 

Pets:  There are also projects with the animals that I want to plan out such as the birthing suite that the kittens were born in, new products I want to try out, etc. 

In the very back of the book is a honey to do list that I try to inspire my husband with ! 

This book is just another way I keep all the ideas I have organized. Its made my blog and youtube so much better because of the planning. It just keeps everything straight and gives me a place to break down the projects so I don't get overwhelmed. 

Blog/Youtbue Book:

This is a Caliber Notebook with the Disc system that I found at my local CVS for $15 but I also got more paper too. 

In this book there are only 3 sections. 

- Blog: This is where my blog post come alive. Normally there are so many things that I don't want to leave out of a post so I make a lot of notes. A lot of my time is spent using this book to work out blog posts. 

- Housewife Life : In this area I keep a lot of the ideas for my main youtube channel. I map out the videos and how I want them edited... and it takes a lot of time to get a big video together. So this book is vital to that process. 

- Glam Gossip : In the final section of this planner, is my section for my vlog channel. I really keep more ideas of different kinds of vlog videos that I want to do. 

Scribble Book:

This little $6 Mead Five StarNotebook is used for random things that don't really matter. Such as the order I want my video clips to be in. Or just blogger/youtube notes that I don't want to forget. This is simply my scribble book. 

Now lets look at some of my most used supplies for this planner. 

1.Martha Stewart Fabric Elastic Bands: This are so handy. I have a beige one for my planner and a teal one for my project manager. Can be found at Staples.

2. Pen Case & Pens: I use this cute little owl pencil case to hold most of my main colored pens. I like to color code my main planner so I keep those pens in the case.

3.Date Stamper and Stamp Pad in blue: I just like blue more than black!

4. Page Markers: Lots of different colored sticky page markers.

5. Pencils: I normally use my own mechanical pencil but I realy like these simple BIC Mechanical Pencils too. I love using pencil because I can move items from page to page without messing anything up.

6. Glue Stick: A good glue stick comes in really handy at times for adding things to the pages. My calender tabs had to be glued in and this glue worked great!

7. Smashbook Tape: This is one of my favorites that I use all over my planner. I found it at Walmart for next to nothing.

8. Paperclips: Random paperclips in random sizes.

9. Avery Color Coding Labels:  I like to use at the bottom pages of my main calender for important bullet points.

10. Post it Notes: Lots of different sized post it notes. My favorite is the 1 3/8 x 1 7/8 .. perfect size!

11. Fun Labels: I also love these Smashbook labels that I add here and there. They are just another reminder for me to get things done.

12. Magnetic Paper Clips: I love these little magnetic clips. They hold the pages really secure and work great.

13. Small Binder Clips: I still love these little binder clips too. I use the clips to hold items on the inside covers.

14. Tab Clips: These are cool little paperclips with tabs on them. Very handy for any planner!

So now you have a good look at what planners I am currently using! I know this post was long but I wanted it detailed so it would be easy to understand. One thing I forgot to mention is my phone. I use my phone in conjunction with my planners. I use Google Calenders with the same color coding system but I still love pen and paper more!  I will be using this system until January then it will be time to switch.. and do another updated video for you! I would love to know if you use planners and which style works best for you! Leave your comments below or over on my youtube channel! 

Have a wonderful Friday! 

K Jaggers

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  1. You have inspired me to put together my own planner. I am on my way to the store after my sons baseball game to get all the supplies. I love the idea of customizing it to what I need. Thank you for your helpful videos.

    1. Thank you so much! Be sure to do a post showing how you set it up! I am excited to see it! Hope you have a wonderful week!


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