Weekend in Review & Sleepy Monday Thoughts

Monday, August 12, 2013
I hope you are starting your day off good. I think we all hate Monday mornings. Its no different for me being a stay at home wife and mother. Monday mornings always always always suck. I am barely awake and trying to focus on the news, blogging, the animals, and getting this coffee in me as fast as I can! By the way.. I forgot to tell you guys that Saturday morning about 2am I put a letter in my neighbors mailbox. It was a thank you letter for their dogs being my alarm clock at 1am.2am.3am.4am.5am  I explained that I don't know how to make it stop except calling the police night after night.. And maybe after being awoke themselves at night.. then maybe they would understand. I signed it.. Your Sleepy Grumpy Pissed Off Neighbor. And since, the dogs have been quiet at night. I don't think they are doing much about it because they are outside dogs. I think I am probably just getting lucky but at least the dogs are letting us sleep. I am just not use to a neighborhood like this. Everyone's dogs bark at night. How do they sleep? I need the secret or maybe a country house!

So on to this weekend.
Friday night started off ok. I had spent most of Friday night working on blog sponsors. Have you seen the sidebar!? They have some great blogs that I hope you guys check out when you have time. Anyway, husby comes home complaining of pain in his side. I had enough of his complaining and insisted we go to the ER. I thought for some reason it would take that long. It was 8pm and I figured we would be home no later than 11pm. Yea. right. And look at me being such the good wife of documenting everything! :0) I seriously take pictures of everything. Anyway.. we were there for many many hours... only for them to not figure what was going on with him. We get back home close to 6am. It was awful. Scott didn't get any sleep at all and actually went to work on Saturday. I slept in.. we had a monopoly party planned that was sent to us from houseparty.com and had to get feeling better. I woke up about 2 pm and rushed to the po box, and grocery store.. then set up for the party.

Scott came home and slept for a few hours before it started.. I still don't know how he did it.

I will have more pictures up from the party soon! And check out the kittys enjoying their new Monopoly bowl.. Thank you houseparty for all the fun games! Towards the end.. the cocktails was getting the best of me and I crashed out pretty dang early. But that didn't mean I slept well. A fly was in my room buzzing around my head all night/morning long. I was so grumpy this morning when I woke up. Scott wanted me to go bowling with him and Jackson but I just couldn't.

They went and had a good time

I enjoyed some grumpy quiet time. I slept awful and felt like shit. I wish the boys would have just let me sleep but neither of them knew that I was tormented all night long by Mr. Fly. Plus I was waking up every hour or two and checking on Gabby. She is about to go into labor anytime now so she is always on my mind.. even when I am sleeping. I just want everything to go good with Gabby and the kittens. Its pretty nerve racking!

Ohh.. and speaking of the cats.. I don't think any of them really enjoyed the stray cat coming by for a quick meal.

They are so darn cute when you can get them all together!

This afternoon I got busy cleaning around the house. I re organized some of the kitchen drawers.. and started doing things on tomorrows to do list, just so I don't have so much to do today. For dinner we made some burgers last night. I say we, because even though I went to Culinary School, I can't make a burger to save my life. But.. husby came to the rescue and it was a super easy meal. No fries.. No Chips..just the burger and it was pretty good!

The rest of the evening I spent dozing on and off on the couch.. then before bed, I came upstairs and sorted out my desk. √'d off list! I think the thing about being a stay at homewife....its hard to know when to quit. I'm always in my work environment. Always. Many nights I stay up longer to work on stuff because I really don't just shut down at a certain time.  BTW.. I think I am starting a new series on youtube, for beginner bloggers. Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions on the topic. So many of my friends who want to blog, have no idea how.. so I thought some videos would be the best way to explain it.  Plus I have a lot of organizing videos coming up soon too! Stay tuned for todays Monday Makeup video/post coming up later today!

That's why I am sitting here feeling sleepy... Time for more coffee!

 I hope you have a wonderful day!


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