Tired Tuesday

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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Happy Tuesday Friends! Well I don't know how happy I was crawling out of my bed today. I woke up too early considering how late I went to bed. I planned on sleeping until 1pm or later today.. but I wasn't so lucky. 11am came around and I rolled out the bed and haven't felt good since. Grrrrrrrrr. But guess what? No dogs barking. The dogs next door that use to be kept in the cages outside are GONE. Scott and I are both kinda shocked. I know this is going to sound crazy but now I want to know where they are. I leave a note in the mailbox telling them to please please quiet their dogs down at 1am..2am..3am..4am..5am.. and now they have just disappeared. I hope they didn't hurt them. Maybe they are in the house. I do love they are not barking but I wonder what they did to them. Idk.. they have kids so maybe they brought the dogs inside. I am very happy they are not barking but I hope they are ok. 

Today is desk work for the most which is why I had hoped to sleep in. The house is pretty clean and I have a bazillion emails to reply back to. Lots of busy work. I just need to get the motivation to get started. I have so much to do this week with getting Jackson ready for school. I am also trying to get things ready for Larua and Jerred too. Today and tomorrow I should be home and then Thursday is going to be a busy day of shopping. Then we have the big kids who will be here Thursday night. Sunday we are having a family day in the Spartanburg Zoo. And Jackson has school on Monday. I think its the craziest schedule ever but I am just rolling with it. 

I'll be back soon! 


K Jaggers
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