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Thursday, August 1, 2013
For the last 3 nights I have fallen to sleep around 5am. Then I wake anywhere from 10 am on, and its really messing with me. I normally get more sleep and it seems everything is suffering from it. Honestly, the last 3 nights have been about other peoples drama that trickled down into my family. How unacceptable is that? And truth be told.. these are not even close friends. Thanks to them, I haven't slept.. my husband and I are bickering back and forth and so much is being neglected. Who knows what's going to keep me up tonight!Its been an ok day so far. I got to do a little shopping..I made the most out to the Rite Aid sale and also I had just enough CVS extracare bucks to get a new foundation! I 'll have a video up tomorrow sometime. And I saw Scott just a little while ago at the dealership. Hes been really nice today and hoping the night goes a little easier too. The first two nights was one of my friends and last night it was all about one of his friends. I think the biggest problems is honesty. Maybe its time to just tell the truth to everyone if its not what they want to hear. I am not going to sugar coat anything for anyone at this point in my life and I expect the same. Ugh...All of this is so exhausting. I have enough of my own problems 

I did get my party box in today from Houseparty.com! I already got a video made of me opening it all up and checking it out...which also should be up soon too! You bloggers should really check it out and start signing up because its a wonderful way to try new things, get together with the family and friends, and let face it.. a box full of games is pretty damn cool! You can also check out this post that gives you all the details! I love it.. and know Jackson will love having all those games around! I actually gave Zane the old Monopoly game because I knew this one was coming in. I have some coupons that I will be giving out on here too for $3 off one of Monopoly Unleashed Game with the new kitty cat token. Stay tuned for the details! 

I think I am going to get busy cleaning up the house some and figuring out what we are having for dinner. The clock is ticking and I am running way behind. I am going to make it as easy as possible for tonight. I hope you had a great Thursday! 


K Jaggers
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