Rain from the Heavens.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Untitled | via TumblrIts another rainy afternoon around here today. I have already been out and about.. getting soaked in the process. So today I took my underwater camera back to Sams. I just hated the video quality so I exchanged it. There are still going to be a few videos popping up here and there that was recorded with that camera but from this point on.. the videos should look much better. I uploaded a video yesterday on how to tell when your cat is about to go into labor and it looked pretty dark. I will have it up on here in just a bit but understand it was taken with the other camera so its not the best quality. But I am leaving it up. I have been racing against the clock because all night Gabby looked like she was about to go into labor. I am just happy happy that I am back and have a new camera to record the birth of the kittens! Last night I thought for sure that it was about to happen. We are close.. very close! 

Scott is working today on his day off which doesn't make me too happy but hopefully he will come home early so we can spend some time together. I hate all the hours he works. I honestly do but I am pretty good with dealing with it but I do miss him being here with us. I am sure a lot of wives feel the same as I do. It's just something you have to deal with when you have a husband who has a busy job that requires a lot of his time. But the weekend will be here before we know it. We are suppose to have Laura, Jerred and the grand kids here the weekend of the 15th and then my mother in law is probably coming over labor day weekend. I don't mind either of them coming but just so everyone knows.. The Jaggers Family Bed & Breakfast is now closed until next summer. If you want to come visit.. you'll have to find a hotel unless you are very close family members! I have had enough problems this summer to last a lifetime and I am wanting things to get quiet and calm. And I don't like a lot of visitors during the school year because it messes with Jackson's schedule. 
I doubt its going to stop raining today. I am serious.. I think we found the only tropical rain forest in South Carolina! Thankfully I like the rain most of the time. It pretty much rains everyday. Jackson is wanting me to run out and get him some lunch but he is going to have a wait a bit until it slows down. One thing for sure is everything is all green and lush. I just wonder if it is going to rain this much when late fall comes around. And I also wonder what the winter is going to be like here. Guess I will just have to wait and see! 

Well, I am going to play around with this new camera and then do some work around the house. With Gabby being so close to having those kittens, I have pretty much been staying home most of the time. I want to run to the library and I also wanted to go to the YMCA but I just can't.. until I know the kittens have been born and Gabby is doing better. 

I'll be back soon! 


K Jaggers
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  1. Hey! Just thought I would say that I would be interested in seeing what you guys get or do at the library like books you're into it movies, things like that. I always like getting ideas! Just a thought though!

    1. I do plan on doing a video and blog post about my picks.. plus a look at our library... but I have yet to go! Hopefully will get to it this time next week!


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