Quick C.Wirthy & Co Salmon Review! { Video }

Thursday, August 8, 2013

 These have been getting all the rage here lately. I found these C.Wirthy & Co. frozen Salmon Fillets at my local Walmart for around $5.99 each. Each box contains 2 pieces of salmon that is can be fixed in minutes. 

Here's my review.. more pictures and info below! 

From the website..
Make mealtimes a treat with succulent, pre-seasoned Salmon Fillets from C. Wirthy, available only at Walmart. Fillets are boneless and skinless and take only minutes to prepare. Rich in Omega 3,these Salmon Fillets are the healthy choice for you and your family.

Here was the blackened salmon that husby had...

and I had the Teriyaki flavor. 

  I thought the taste of the salmon was really good but the teriyaki flavor was pretty plain. I could hardly taste the teriyaki.. so if you are like me, I recommend basting them with some terriyaki sauce while they are baking. As far as the blackened salmon, I can only tell you husby thought it was too spicy. I couldn't believe he thought that because he really likes blackened fish. 

I found this salmon to be very good.. with the exception of the lack of teriaki flavor. I think for $5.99 a box.. its a steal! Fresh salmon costs much more and for the price.. this is a great frozen food. You could make fish tacos.. salmon salads...they would be great in anyway.. not just baking them in the oven. Oh.. and I love how the box explains how to microwave them too! Perfect to take to lunch at work or school. Such a healthy option! 

Have you tried these? I would love to hear from you! 


K Jaggers

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