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Thursday, August 22, 2013

I have a few different office spaces in my home. I think its important to have dedicated areas through out our house for office items. We have a large house and I have 3 different office areas. The kitchen office, the office upstairs on the 2nd floor and my office in a basket ( which is my favorite ). Today I am just going over the kitchen office and will be have videos up of the other areas soon. 

More pictures and lots more info below.. hope you enjoy! 

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1. Dry Erase Calender & Other Important Calenders: that is updated weekly. It holds all the activities that is going on with our family and kids. I like that its a dry erase board because things change and I hate it when the calender gets messed up. With this kind of calender, you can wipe it off if you make a mistake and start over. This area also holds the school calender and lunch schedule. Any important calenders or schedules go in this area. Also under the cabinet area is a long florescent light that gives plenty of light even if working at night. 

2. I keep the middle part of this area open so I can move a bar stool over and put my laptop in this area. I like having a space for the computer away from the mess of the food and stove. So this is a safe spot for the electronics. 

3. Over to the right I have coupons and a note pad that have magnets and stuck to the frig. At the back of the counter, I keep my most loved and used cook books and I just use a large mug as the bookend. I didn't want anything bulky and I wanted something that would hold the books and still be useful. The cup holds pens, pencils, and highlighters. I also keep a handy calculator in that area too. 

4. In the middle, there is a bowl for change and car keys. I also have a piece of art that was a gift from another blogger. I also keep the kitty treats and some cute sentimental items. 

5. On the left side I have a big picture of us from 2009 and I keep a basket for incoming mail and papers to be filed. It also holds one of my coupon organizers too. I have a different one for my purse but I use this one a lot too. At the beginning of each week, I file the papers from the basket in the office upstairs. 

6. In the cabinet above I use a small space to store my local phone book, extra paper and notebooks. I have some emergency candles in that area and I also have some light bulbs ( that actually should be stored in another place! )

7. The two drawers below hold a lot of miscellaneous office, household, pet,  and other random items. I have it sorted out pretty well and everything stays in place. I think my entire family prefers this kind of junk drawer rather than a messy one where they can't find anything. Another tip, use left over Tupperware that can't find lids for storage. They work great!

I find that this kitchen office works really well for my family. And even if you only have a very small amount of space to work with, it can be accomplished in any kitchen. You could combine the office in a basket with the kitchen if you need more room too. And you could easily store it in a cabinet. 

Stay tuned for my other office and organizational  videos! 


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