Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
I seriously just never get enough sleep. I have wanted to sleep the past couple of days and I just haven't. Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat and pounding headache that lasted all day. In the evening hours, I fell asleep on the couch.. only to wake up about 450am to come up to the bed. I slept for a little while but it didn't last long before I was back up trying to feel better. Nothing worked. I was a total bitch when Scott came home. It hurt to talk and he seemed to have a 100 questions for me. I got more frustrated with each question. It was probably a good thing that I went to sleep or I probably would have been pretty rude. I woke up today feeling a little better. We have to go meet Jackson's teacher later this afternoon so I need to feel better. Jackson isn't so excited about going to school today but at least he still has this week and weekend before starting next Monday. Besides waking up early, I am ready for school to start. Its been a long hard summer and I need a break! Today besides running to the school to meet the teacher, I have some little projects that I am working on around here and I should have some videos up in a bit... but first I want to get some freebies posted that probably won't be around very long! 

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! 


K Jaggers
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