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Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Little Red Chair: Picture Quote Saturday

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Saturday! Around here things are pretty quiet still. I need to get up and run some errands but I have yet to do that. I am still enjoying coffee...not doing much of anything. The little kids are not that noisy in the mornings which is shocking but they are pretty quiet. Jackson is quiet too so I got to sleep in! 

Last night Scott took Jackson, Laura, Jerred, and Ashlynn to see a baseball game. I am shocked to hell that didn't rain but they seemed to have a great time! 

I stayed home with little Baby Harper because she wasn't feeling good and I didn't really want to go anyway. So it was an easy night at home for me. I managed to get a few things done too. Scott and the kids got back about 1030 and by midnight we were all in bed. Scott slept on the couch again which worked out ok.. I got sleep and so did he.

I am not sure what today holds. I have a few errands to run later but nothing too pressing. I might just stay in my pjs most of the day until Scott comes home! Stay tuned for a video to pop up soon!


K Jaggers

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