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Friday, August 16, 2013
The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

I am linking back up with Stephanie over at The Vintage Modern Wife for this weeks Happies &a Crappies....hope you enjoy!

Happy Friday friends! Things are still getting better around here. More happies than crappies.. wooooo-hoooo!! 


We accept the food we think we deserve | via Tumblr

* I got a lot of the house organized this week. It feels so good to have everything in the right place. I hate not being able to find things so I have been on a mission to get things cleaned up and organized. Jackson starts school on Monday so I am just getting ready for a busy school year!

* Speaking of school, we went to Jacksons new school on Wednesday to meet his teacher. She seemed really sweet and kind. She took a while to talk to him and get to know him a little bit. They even praticed putting the lock on and off of his locker. 

* I've really been enjoying using my planner. I had to make one myself to get it the way I liked it but its really been helping me get more accomplished....video coming soon! 

* Speaking of videos.. I launched a new youtube channel just for random vlogs and such! Super happy I got that going! 

* I managed to get all the shopping and errands done on Thursday. I ran around like a crazy person doing school shopping, and also getting ready for the big kids to come visit. I was so tired last night but I felt good knowing that I got it all done. 

* Larua and Jerred, along with the 2 girls got here last night. Its sad we don't get to see them more but we had a great night together. The girls are getting so big! 

* Jackson has been really good this week. It was a bit much to go school shopping together but we got it done! 

* I feel like we are finally feeling like a normal family again. Thank God things are getting better. 


* I had a really bad headache/migraine this past week. I was able to get through it without taking a shot or going to the hospital but it hurt like hell. 

* I hit the wall in the garage causing significant damage on one of the inside walls. SHIT. Not sure what to do right now so waiting for a while.. and then plan on calling a handy man to come get it fixed. Husby was none too happy. 

* We still don't have kittens yet...and its driving me crazy! 

* I feel like a total bitch complaining about the neighbors dogs.. they are just gone now. I sure hope they are ok. 

* Husby ticked me off a few times this week..but nothing major! Just normal husband/wife stuff. 

I hope you have a wonderful night! 


K Jaggers

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