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Friday, August 9, 2013

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Dear Self, You had a better week! Maybe all the positive thinking is paying off....but you didn't fit anytime in at the YMCA.. gotta get back in the habit soon!

Dear Gabby, I keep waiting on the kittens to arrive!!! Its driving me crazy  watching you for any and all signs that they are on the way. Hurry up already! 

Dear Scott, I love you. We are moving right into fall with less problems, except for the house. If you really want to move again, lets start looking for that lake house. I can't believe we are really considering moving but whatever.. we can do it if you want.
Dear Laura and Jerred, You know we love you guys and can't wait to see you. I hope things are going ok.. you know we are always here if you ever need to talk. 

Dear Jackson, What up with staying up so late dude? You are never up past 11pm and the night before last you stayed up until 1am and last night 2am. Don't get use to it.. school is starting soon. 

Dear Charlotte Facebook Hacker, Thankfully facebook let me know you were on.. and I don't appreciate it. I am 99% sure that I know who you are and if you are wanting to sign in under me to sneak around on your ex boyfriends page... you could have at least called and asked. I was a total dumbass giving you my password last year and never changing it. Lesson learned. Bet you won't get on it again. 

Dear Neighbors, I hate you. End of story. I wanted so badly to come to your house at 3am to tell you to shut up your dogs. I am just not made for a neighborhood especially when my neighbors are so inconsiderate. Seems like every week I am on here bitching about you...maybe you don't have a sleeping disorder but I do.. and your dogs barking all night only makes it worse. thanks a lot. Maybe a nice note in your mailbox will help. 

Dear Mom, Glad you got back to Texas safe and sound! I love you. 

Dear CNN, HLN, Daily Mail and Celebitchy.. You are all so addicting. I could spend all day watching and reading you. I'm hooked. I am a true news junkie.. but notice I never watch Fox news.. too many right wingers if you ask me. 

Dear Shanna, If people knew the conversations we had.. they would just die. You are my confidant.. and someone I trust.. just know, I barely trust anyone these days but you are high on the list. I love you. Thanks for always listening and being a true friend.

Dear Romeo, even with Gabby getting ready to deliver your kittys, you are still the coolest cat in the house. I totally adore you. And now that you are fixed.. you are being so much nicer! :)

Dear To Do List, You keep getting bigger and bigger.. guess that means I need to get off my ass more and get things done. 

Dear Mario Badescu, your Rosewater Facial Spray is amazing. I am so hooked.. going around spraying everyone in the face because I know if I love it.. they will too..but I think I better calm it down before husby takes my bottle away! 

Dear Rainy South Carolina Weather, I do love you.. and thats a good thing because it rains all the time here. It was funny... last night I was on the phone with Shanna.. checking the weather for both of our states and saw that all the way until next Saturday we are suppose to have rain.. I was shocked and Shanna was shocked that I didn't know it already! Thank goodness I like the rain! 

Dear Bloggy Friends, I love getting to know you guys. You all have some amazing blogs that I love to follow along and read. Thank you for all your time spent around here bouncing around post to post.. I love you guys. If your new, leave a blog comment with a link to your blog so I can follow back and get to know you! 

Have a wonderful Friday! 

K Jaggers
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