Friday Letters

Friday, August 30, 2013

Dear Self, Yesterday totally sucked. You basically misplaced or lost everything you touched. Good thing I didn't do much otherwise it probably would have been worse! Organize..organize..organize.. it makes your life so much simpler. And see a Dr.

Dear Yard Guy, You are so fired. Scott might be Mr. Nice Guy but I am not the same as him. Your terrible work a few days ago was your last. Glad you got a day job. Don't come back.

Dear Debit Card, where are you? Are coming back in the next few hours or do I have to rush to the bank and order a replacement? I know you are in this house.. stop hiding! 

Dear Syria Government, You know.. I was on the fence about what we should do about you. Some say, its your problem and we shouldn't get involved. After some consideration and thought.. I think we should show you what its like to die.. just like you showed your own people with chemical weapons. I think we should do something.. because right is right and wrong is wrong. I really believe that we should speak the truth.. even in times of pain and fear.. even when our voice shakes. I don't want a war but you should held accountable.If you are testing out those weapons on your own people.. you are dangerous to every country every where. I kinda hope President Obama shows you the same thing he showed Osama Bin Laden...The next life.

Dear Jackson, I hope you have a great day at school. You will always be my baby no matter what the other kids say. I love you. 

Dear Gabby, Your kittens are so cute. I could kiss them all day. Maybe we should just keep them all being this is your last litter. Idk.. but I sure love you and your babies! 

Dear Laci, Glad we are getting you set up to blog/vlog your travels.. it will be fun to watch! We are all a little nervous about you going but I know it will be a great experience for you. 

Dear August, Glad you are about over.. we are moving right into fall as I wanted. And you know what!? It is getting better. :)

Dear Dad, Everyday I wish I have a two sided conversation with you. I have so many questions.. I miss you, come see me in my dreams. 

Dear Shanna, You are such a good friend. I trust you with everything. I promise I will get your box off in the next few days. Post more pictures of Emmie.. she is too darn cute! Maybe Jackson and her can marry one day! Hahahahaha.. we have never talked about that have we!? 

Dear Jordan, I feel you have let me down as much as I have let you down. I wish we could have done things better. I do love you and there is still time to change things. 

Dear Miley Cyrus, I am not going to sugar coat anything. You looked like a piece of trash on that stage at the VMA'S. My daughter use to love you.. now she's not allowed to even listen to you except on the radio. What's up with the tongue? FYI.. it belongs in your mouth not hanging all over your face. It made me sick and uncomfortable to watch you. The only thing that made it bearable was Robin Thicke who is as sexy as ever but you are just gross. Sorry.. trying to not judge but instead state the facts as I see it. 

Dear Shannon, Glad you got the point. Lets not have to have that talk again. I cannot and will not sit back and watch you try to take advantage of my husband and myself. Hes a nice guy.. totally opposite from me. I will let you know EVERY TIME when you cross the line. 

Dear Brittany, Little girls come with a lot of drama. You need to stay out of all that crap and just focus on school. I love you.. I miss you.. and I am always with you even when we are not together. Something to remember.. →The choices you make now will effect your future. ←

Dear House, the last few nights you have felt spooky to me. There is something scary about walking around a big quiet house at night. I don't think the dog likes being woke up every time I want to go to the first floor but too bad. 

Dear Back, why have you started hurting???????????  Its bullshit and doesn't feel good.

Dear Mom, I miss you. I'll call in a bit. Hope you are feeling better today. Love you! 

Dear Thursday, You sucked. I felt awful.. so did husby. Thank goodness you are in the past and today is going to be better....even though today I have to be more productive.

Dear Bloggy/Youtube Friends, You guys make me laugh so much with your comments and emails! Thank you guys for being such good friends and sharing in our life. You all make blogging and youtube fun for me!

Have a great Friday! 

K Jaggers
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  1. You are such a hoot. Totally agree about Miley. She's gone to the dogs. My 14 year old is ashamed that she every watched her on Disney and was a fan too. (One4UT)


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