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Friday, August 23, 2013
Dear Gabby, I am sooooooooo very happy that everything went well and we have 3 new babies! I think you are finished but I will feel a lot better tomorrow this time when I know its over. I think you are the best kitty cat in the house.. I seriously don't think others understand what kind of kitty genius you are! Your purrrrr-fect and so are your babies!

Dear Self, You seriously have to start sleeping right. Unless you get on a better schedule, life is going to continue to be hard. Go to bed earlier and  get some rest so you have the energy to move through the day. Try to remember to be a little more understanding of husby...remember he works hard and just wants to feel loved an appreciated so stop being so grumpy! 

Dear Jackson, You have had a pretty good week at school so far! I am happy you are making some new friends! Keep doing a great job and I promise we will go do something fun very soon. I looooove you! 

Dear Neighbor Dogs, I am so thankful you are home and not barking all night. I felt awful thinking something bad happened to you when I complained. Glad you are a indoor doggie now.. bet your happier too! 

Dear Laura, I loved having you here. I think you are such a sweetheart and I am glad you are a part of our lives. I hope we can get together over the holidays because we just don't get to see you that much. We love you and hope Harper is feeling better! 

Dear House, You have been so damn cold...even with the air off. I am freezing right now. BURRRRRRRRRRR...I wish you would either figure out a way to clean yourself up or just stay clean! Instead I spend an obscene amount of time running around here like a crazy person trying to keep you clean. With just 3 of us here right now, its not as hard but there is always something needing done. Guess that's the price we have to pay for having such a big house. 

Dear Mom, You have been really busy with all the fundraising! I admire your energy because its something you didn't pass down to me! Love you

Dear Lindsay Lohan, I am really hoping this time you get your shit together. Your Oprah interview helped but you still have a long road ahead of you.  BTW..the blue halter dress you wore the other day was beautiful! 

Dear Scott, Thank you for taking Jackson to school today. I was so sleepy.. and I appreciate it a lot. Sorry that we both have been tired and grumpy. I will work harder on not saying " no " all the time. I honestly didn't realize that I said that all the time. Guess I am just use to having things a certain way and you know change is hard for me. I love you very much. Our terrible summer is over and we are moving into this new school year and the fall season feeling much better and I know we be just fine. Have a good day at work! 

Dear Shanna, Thank you for all the late night talks.. early morning talks.. afternoon conversations.. and text messages! You are someone I trust like no other. Thanks for always being a great friend to me. 

Dear Todays To Do List, You are longer than usual today.. great. But hopefully as the day continues, I will be moving right through you..checking on job off at a time. Its only 8:20 and I already have 3 items crossed off the list! 

Dear Brittany, I don't think I would push your dad so hard. You know he really will take that phone away and probably many other things. I think you should focus on school and doing what you are suppose to do at home and life would be easier for you. I love you very much...cheer up!

Dear Romeo, Your a daddy!!!! I didn't realize how big you are and that you would pass it off to the babies..they are big for kittens!! But they are all doing well.. as is Gabby! Soon you will be chasing them around the house! And you still are the coolest cat in the house.. don't tell Gabby! 

Dear Shannon, I don't know how many times I have to tell you.. but here it is again. → We are not interested in anyone in your home other than Zane. You don't need to call, text, or email just to chat. Instead maybe you should focus on yourself instead of being a crazy bitch to us. We are all stocked up on crazy around here and don't need your bullshit too. You are so much trouble and then complain that no one in your family wants anything to do with your or your kids. Well, just FYI.. I am betting they feel the same way I do... that you make it miserable for us to have any kind of relationship with Zane. I bet a lot of people just don't want to deal with you which is sad because its the kids that suffer. Oh wait.. they have been suffering for a while haven't they? Scott and Zane really don't need your interference in their relationship. I am pretty sure they can handle things on their own.  You such a piece of shit. .and deep down inside you know that every word I am saying is true. Stop holding your kids hostage to get more money. Its not going to happen. Learn to live off your $600 a month in child support because that is all your going to get. We are not your ATM. 

Dear Super Cooper, I wish we lived on the lake so you could play in the water more. Sorry for not taking you swimming this past summer. But at least you had a bunch of kids to play with! I am going to have to get Scott to give your big ass a bath very soon. You might be a dog but you will not going around smelling like one in this house. Time to get you cleaned up. 

Dear Car, I am seriously thinking about trading you in for a Volkswagen. IDK.. Jaguar or Bug? Or Mini Cooper! Hummmmm....decisions decisions! Scott and I are both thinking its time to make a change but I have loved my car for a while now so its a hard decision. 

Dear World, You keep getting crazier and crazier. Daily school shootings, kids being kidnapped...wars going on..and the list could go on and on. All that shit just makes me want to stay home with my family. Its just scary knowing that one day my kids will be out on their own in this big bad world but until then we are going to stay safe @ HOME. 

Lovely World | via FacebookDear Bloggy/Youtube Friends, You guys are awesome. You had made launching a new youtube vlog channel worth it with your sweet emails and comments. I love sharing our lives with you. Stay tuned because my August 22 vlog will be up soon! I love hearing an email bing in.. checking it only to find a really nice comment. I can't tell you how much your words have meant to me over the years.  I love getting to know you guys.. so if you are new here...leave a comment with a link so I can check out your blogs too! I hope you have a wonderful Friday! 


K Jaggers
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