Friday Letters

Friday, August 16, 2013
Happy Friday Friends! I hope you have a wonderful day. Here are some Friday letters for ya! 

Dear Self, Its amazing how some organization and a schedule has really helped things. You work best off a list and if you stick to it.. you shouldn't have any trouble keeping things running smoothly. Try to not take yourself so serious all the time. Its ok to not have it all together all the time. Break free. 

Dear Larua and Jerred, So happy you guys made it safe and sound. We have missed you and I hope you have a great visit. And the girls are getting so big! 

Dear Scott, Thanks for crashing on the couch last night. I will switch with you tomorrow. Its just so hard to fall asleep with you snorning in my ear. Whatever happened to you getting that surgery so we could sleep together again? Maybe at this point we are so use to sleeping apart.. that it wouldn't matter anyway! I love you very much no matter where you long as its in this house! Super happy you have the day off. 

Dear Gabby, I am still waiting..waiting.. waiting.. on those kittens to arrive. Come on and have them already! I am a nervous wreck watching you like a ticking time bomb.. and I just want them to arrive with no problems. 

Dear Brittany, Sorry your daddy and you are not getting along. He is your father and you just have to deal with it. I tried to talk to him but you know how he gets when he gets mad. Just focus on school and everything else will fall into place. 

Dear S.C. Weather, I have seriously never seen so much rain. Its nuts... thankfully I like the rain but damn.. everyday is a bit much. And its really every day. Florida doesn't hold a candle to us. 

Dear Michael Todd, Do you know that I want to buy some products from a skin care line called " Michael Todd". Yea.. will never do that. Asshole.

Dear Youtube, I could seriously make a full time job with you. I actually am receiving a small income as it is so it is kinda like a job. Its actually the perfect job for a stay at home wife and mother. I love documenting our lives. But I am either making a video, editing a video, or uploading one. Then working on blog posts is another job within itself. No complaining. I love you! 

Dear Dogs Next Door, I hope you are ok. I am not sure what your owners did to you but I am wondering if saying anything was the right thing to do or not. Hopefully you are inside the garage or house. But I do appreciate your owners taking my note seriously. It was impossible to sleep with you barking all hours of the night. But again.. I hope you are ok. 

Dear Mom, Sorry we haven't talked much. I have been busy busy busy but things should clam down after Jackson starts school. I will try to call more. I love and miss you! Tell Don and Sammy I say hi. 

Dear Hair, Why are you always a mess? I wish you were straight or curly but both is a little much. No wonder I always cut you off. 

Dear Jodi Foster, I watched you in Sommersby and I miss you. I wish you would make more movies. 

Dear  Shanna, Thanks for being the friend you are. I couldn't imagine not having you in my life. You are someone I trust with everything..I love you bunches! 

Dear Readers, I hope you have a wonderful Friday!  Who doesn't love weekends! Thank you guys for coming around here on this little blog of mine and visiting. You guys are the most awesome bloggy friends ever! 


K Jaggers
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