Friday Letters

Friday, August 2, 2013

Dear Self, Things are slowly getting better. Try to control your temper better because sometimes lashing out is the wrong thing to do. And don't forget to pray more. 

Dear Gabby, I am so nervous for you to have kittens. I just want you to have a safe delivery and give your final litter of beautiful kittens. 

Dear Jackson, You are such a sweetheart. No matter what, you will forever be my baby. I love you. 

Dear 2,  lousy Friends, I don't have time for your shit and neither does Scott. We have a good life and good family who we are trying to focus on. I will never ever allow anyone to use or abuse us. You both seriously need to get help. No one else can do it except each of you. I should set you up together because I think you would make a great pair.

Dear Rain, You just keep coming. All the people around here say its been a record setting summer with so much rain. I have actually enjoyed you but yesterday.. I thought I had dropped money in the middle of CVS parking lot in the pouring rain and got soaked looking for it. Thanks. 

Dear Laundry, You are finally caught up.. I don't know how in the hell that happened. I guess doing a load each night at bed is working out great for us. I really do think having the washer and dryer on the same floor we sleep on really helps. 

Dear Brittany, I am so happy the first day of school went good for you. I hate that I wasn't physically there to see you off to school but remember I am inside of you every where you go. Its going to be a great year! I love you.. Study hard! 

Dear Shanna, I would be lost without you. You are a true friend to me and I love you very much. I just wish we lived closer to each other. 

Dear Scott, I love you more than any man I have ever been with. Life has been hard but I think with love, honesty, communication, and compassion we can make it through anything. I know you work hard. We appreciate everything you do for our family and just want to see you smile more. Thank you for my gift last night. 

Dear Barking Dogs, You suck. No wonder I like cats so much! I seriously think the only way to avoid this kind of noise is move to a country house... speaking of the house. 

Dear Mom, Sorry I haven't been answering the phone. I just forget and leave it on vibrate most of the time! Thanks for not sending the police! hahaha.. I am happy you and Laci are getting to spend sometime together before she leaves. 

Dear House, I am sorry that I have not been too kind to you. I really don't expect to say here longer than our lease. And to be very honest, we could move before that time. We are trying to figure out if we want a lake house or a country house.. wish it could be both! 

Dear Snap, Thanks for making me a nervous wreck this week. I am not sure what is going on with you but I just can't risk it. I hope you understand. 

Dear YMCA, It is really nice to come see you and enjoy all you have to offer. Who would have guessed right? I love the pool and hot tub and really enjoy coming and playing with the kids in the water.. and I bet this winter we will really enjoy it. 

Dear Sleep, You just disappeared. No wonder I have been such a grumpy bitch. Scott and I were up so late last night and I know he was just as tired if not more tired yesterday. I guess I better get use to it because Jackson starts school in just a couple of weeks and the bell rings @ 730 for him. SHIT! 

Dear Marjorie, we need to catch up soon.. Its been forever since I have talked to you!

Dear Dad, I miss you. I wish you were here so I could talk to you. Don't get me wrong.. I talk to you all the time and I really believe you here me. But I want to hear your advice....I want to be in that familiar kitchen,, and be in my familiar comfort zone. What hurts is I will never get that back. I have a wonderful mom as you can see... but my dad is dead and it hurts. There are days when the pain is almost unbearable. 

Dear Car, sorry I haven't taken better care of you. I hate that you are wrecked.. dirty and in need of some attention. I hope we can get you all fixed up and looking good in no time. 

Dear Trina.. 

I hope you know how much we love you. I hope you have a wonderful day.. and I am so happy Vicki is there to celebrate with you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Dear Friday, You feel like Saturday or Sunday to me...guess I am just wanting the weekend to be here so we can all be together again. I don't have any big plans for you today except cleaning up the house and heading to the YMCA later. And maybe I will get yesterdays haul recorded too.

Dear Bloggy/youtube friends,  You guys are so great! I love getting to know you and I have found so much love in this community. Thank you for being friends near and far and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


K Jaggers

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