Back to School Haul + Small Food Haul! { Video and Pictures }

Thursday, August 15, 2013
 Its been a very busy day for me. I had to do a ton of shopping and errands today. I didn't really want to do it, but Jackson starts school on Monday so I had to get him prepared. Also we have the big kids driving in tonight and I had to go to the market to get prepared for them. So here is the haul for everything.. and there are more pictures and info below! 

Hope you enjoy! 

Jackson's supply list wasn't too big this year.. 

which was nice.. 

I also had to pick up a few things of my own!  There was no way I could walk through those supplies and not buy anything for myself! 

Jackson has an entire closet full of clothes so I didn't a ton today. But I will have to go back and do more shopping in a few months. But he has a bunch of nice clothes that he hardly wears. It sure made things a little easier this year! 

He has snack and needed his own to go cup.  Snack in 5th grade.. who would have guessed? But school starts at 730 and his lunch is at 1030. Then gets out at 230. So maybe that is a lot of hours to go with just one meal. But he can eat breakfast there everyday if he wishes. 

 He picked out his own shoes this year. I just let him go with black again.. they won't show dirt so fast. 

And while I was there, I got husby a pair of black shoes that were on sale. I didn't want him to feel left out and he complains a lot about the black shoes he has now.. so hopefully he likes them. 

Then I had groceries because we are expecting company tonight. 

And now I am getting ready to go clean up the house and wait on them to get here. I am so tired. I ran to a bunch of office, bank, ran home a few times in between. Its been a loooooong as day and its not going to end for at least 6 more hours to come. I need energy and motivation. 

K Jaggers

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