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Saturday, August 31, 2013
Happy Saturday! quote via www.Facebook.com/Treasured Sentiments
Afternoon friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday. Here in South Carolina.. the sun is out and there is a nice breeze that for some reason, reminds me of my childhood. Anyway, I don't have a ton of time to sit here and blog. My mother in law is making her way here. She got a little later of a start and probably won't arrive until 4 or 5 this evening. I can't say I'm not happy about it because I am still trying to finish up. I awoke at 10 and got up right out of bed and started working upstairs. Jackson is picking his room up right now while I take a quick break. Next up..
* Vacuuming the 1st floor...again. 

* Getting the fresh sheets on the bed in the guest room.

* Doing a quick wipe down of the bathrooms...again. 

* Clean the tables in the living room. 

* Run to the market and pick up dinner and a few other things.
I should also clean out my car.. but I doubt that will happen but who knows.. maybe! I am thinking it will be a nice weekend with family. Scott's dad passed away this year and his wife has been trying to go on with her life. He was ill for a long time and couldn't travel to come see us. We made many trips to see him but he just couldn't travel. So now she is faced with moving on without him and is starting to travel a little more. She has never ever been to our home before so its kinda nice that she is coming up! It won't be too short or too long. Just today, tomorrow and leaving Monday afternoon. Jackson returns to school on Tuesday so it works out good. I really hate any interuption in our schedules when he is going to school. Its hard enough to keep him focused when everything is normal let alone, when we have company or things going on.

President Obama is going to speak at 115pm re Syria. I like that he said earlier that there are not going to be boots on the ground but they are looking at ways of handling this situation. I think its ridiculous and horrible that they would use chemical weapons on their own people. I don't know how you can send a missile and just blow up the bad people without killing more innocent victims. BUT.. I totally agree that we should do something. Its dangerous to EVERYONE when people break out the chemical weapons. There has to be consequences. This world is getting more and more scary. See why I like staying home all the time!? 

Well break time is over! I will be back a little later with another video! 


K Jaggers
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  1. They Syria situation is disturbing, and the pictures in the newspaper are so sad.

    Enjoy your visit w/you MIL! And good luck to your little one on starting back to school on Tuesday.

    Thank you for linking up to Super Sunday Sync.


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