Weekend in Review..

Monday, July 29, 2013
Its been a crazy busy weekend beginning with the kitty cats. The cat in the first picture is pregnant.. Just when we think the cattery is over.. we realize Gabby is pregnant again. Perfect right? We are pretty worried about her.. anyway, she is getting huge and kittens will be here very soon. Yikes.. We lost an entire litter last time so I am pretty nervous. And the rest of the kitties have been going crazy around here. The cats totally rule the roost around this house. 

Saturday it was all about getting Brittany packed up to head to her dads for the school year. She has been pretty depressed about it but that's nothing new. Its never easy to say goodbye at the end of summer. 

She really wanted to see Jacksons new school so we took off to go find it... and it was something else to think about. 

This year he is going to a really big school. And its just for 4th and 5th grade. 

We drove as much as we could around it but we finally had to park and get out. It took forever to walk around it. It looks like a nice school though.  Brittany enjoyed looking around and seeing the classrooms.. she doesn't like to be left out of the loop! And you can tell my car is wrecked from the front! Ha! Husby is taking it to work tomorrow and getting it fixed. Yea!

Saturday evening we had our last night together at the YMCA. I was happy happy to see a smile on her face! 

It hasn't just been a hard summer for Scott and I.. She had a hard summer too. I don't know how any of us survived 2013 summer but we did. It has been hands down the WORST SUMMER I CAN REMEMBER. But we are a family.. and we just rode out the hard times the best we could.. and moved on to another day. Most of those days were also awful but we just kept trying to get it right. 

Key to life.

Saturday night we finished packing up all her stuff and we both went to bed pretty early. We had to get up at 7am to go meet my ex husband and switch out the kids. 

It was so pretty....We met in Tennessee and the drive was amazing. 

If someone told you that you had one more month left to… | skulalek on Xanga

Scott did all the driving.. and the switch was easy. My ex husband was nice and neither of the kids were too upset. We had the long drive back.. and little Jackson talked about 100mph and then finally fell asleep about 1/2 home as did I. 

Once we got home it was back to normal life.. 
Scott and I had to get some food.. so off to the store we went. I was happy he was there to help. Normally its always me doing the shopping.. putting things away.. making video hauls.. and Jackson requested a chicken salad for dinner..It was easy and delicious! 

Also in about a week our older kids and grand-kids are coming down before Laura starts school in the fall. We haven't been able to spend much time with them and I am hoping to fit in a trip to the zoo. We wanted to take Jackson before school starts and it would be the perfect thing to do while they are here. 

UntitledYou know.. summer has been awful in so many ways. We have really struggled to keep our family together and happy this year. But we all love each other. I know that more than anything. That bond can never be broken. And while we pick up the pieces of our very dysfunctional lives.. we are just moving on to the next day. So far its been 2 days of being drama and problem free. Maybe today will be day 3. My best friend keeps telling me just get to the next day because it will look different in the morning. She really was right. The worst of nights is always different in the morning. So we are just trying to get our lives back on track. My husband sent me a text message last week that said. 

Scott.. " I love you. Do you love me? "

Me.. " Yes, of course I do. " 

Scott..." Then we start from there."

He was right.. that all it takes to make it work. Life is hard and we have had more than our share of problems this summer but fall is around the corner.. Its just us and Jackson now.. and we are going to focus on the good instead of the bad. 

I hope you had a great weekend! 


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